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Drowning in email? Introducing Talkler, the only app for heads-up, reads-aloud-to-you, voice-controlled email. Reads your emails aloud. Listens for your ...

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Drowning in email? Introducing Talkler, the only app for heads-up, reads-aloud-to-you, voice-controlled email. Reads your emails aloud. Listens for your voice commands. Just say, "Hey, Talkler..." + "Play the next email" + "Record a reply" + "Delete" + "Mark unread" + "Check for new mail" + Dozens more voice commands *** Solamente Inglés para los EE.UU. Correos electrónicos en Inglés son pronunciadas con precisión, y mandatos de la voz se entienden en Inglés EE.UU. Otros idiomas y dialectos no son compatibles con esta versión. *** U.S. English Only Emails in English are pronounced accurately, and voice commands in U.S. English are understood. Other languages and dialects are not supported in this version. *** NEW Talkler QuickConnectâ„¢ Now quicker and easier to connect â€â€ with just your email & password. Enters the rest of your settings for you. Even custom domains, like example@mydomain.com. *** NEW Connect with Hosted Exchange Now you can connect Talkler with your Hosted Exchange services, such as GoDaddy and Network Solutions. Even custom company domains, like example@xyzcompany.com. *** Need a Hand Getting Started? We’re happy to help. We can’t respond to help requests here in the App Store. So be sure to use our FREE 1-to-1 support: talkler.com/help -or- help@talkler.com *** Here’s the buzz "A TRUE GAME-CHANGER! Definitely give it a try." â€â€Cult of Mac "A GREAT APP." â€â€Chicago Tribune "EASY to set up." â€â€About.com "This is a KILLER app." â€â€The Big Picture "IDEAL for users who want to take control of their email inboxes while driving, running, cooking, or being busy with practically anything." â€â€AppAdvice.com "INNOVATIVE. Excellent. Easy." â€â€AccessWorld "UNMATCHED." â€â€Tech Investor News "The ONLY app for voice-controlled email." â€â€Apple Vis "TOP 5 Driver Safety Apps." â€â€InsuranceQuotes.org "A GREAT innovation." â€â€Gear Diary "SOPHISTICATED voice recognition and text-to-speech technology..." â€â€GeekChunk.com "BEST text-to-speech app." â€â€TheStreet.com TOP 100 Productivity Apps! â€â€App Store, May 2013 *** EXCLUSIVE Talkler features Talkler TapAnywhereâ„¢ heads-up gestures. No squinting at tiny buttons. TapAnywhere onscreen to pause and resume playback of your emails. Swipe anywhere to skip to the next email. Pinch anywhere to delete. As heads-up as your turn signal. Talkler Teleprompterâ„¢ auto-scrolling text. Didn't catch that last word? No worries. Synced, auto-scrolling text is easy to read from a distance. Easy as glancing at a speedometer. Talkler AudioRepliesâ„¢ with Zero Typos.â„¢ No proofreading. No need to take your eyes off what matters. Records every inflection, and sends an audio voice reply. Talkler AutoPilot.â„¢ Intelligent auto-continue, when all you want to do is listen. Talkler QuickConnect.â„¢ Simply enter your email & password. Talkler enters the rest of your settings for you. Raise-to-Ear Privacy Mode.â„¢ Like a phone call with your inbox. Lift your iPhone to your ear: the screen darkens, and volume adjusts for privacy. Automatically. *** Works with Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, iCloud, and any IMAP or POP account. Custom domains. And now, Hosted Exchange. Talkler is easier than ever to set up. And with the NEW Talkler QuickConnect: Simply enter your email & password â€â€ Talkler enters the rest of your settings for you. Including custom domains, like example@mydomain.com. Plus, NEW Hosted Exchange support! (Expert users can always customize server and port settings; ActiveSync isn't yet supported, so in-house Exchange servers must open IMAP/POP, and SMTP.) Need a hand? We're happy to help. Visit Talkler.com/help for 1-to-1 support, or email us: help@talkler.com *** Even more features - Bluetooth-compatible - Oversized, high-contrast Teleprompter text (easy at a glance) - Beautifully designed - More secure (speech recognition right on the phone) - Plain English TTS (simplifies URLs, abbreviations) - Custom voice pitches and speeds - Many more We hope you enjoy Talkler - Email for your Ears!


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Version: 1.1.8

Size: 130.61 MB


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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