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Talygen – is an iPhone business management app which allows you to keep track of your billable time, work on the CRM, track Expense, Manage the leaves, ...

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Talygen – is an iPhone business management app which allows you to keep track of your billable time, work on the CRM, track Expense, Manage the leaves, and Raise Tickets. It has a very easy to use interface, saves time and allows you to work on different modules with ease. The iPhone app works with the Talygen SaaS / Cloud / web application. - User can view listing of time entries day wise for time tracking done via iPhone app or web app. -View the details of the leads in the CRM. - Track the expenses - Apply for the leaves - Raise the tickets in case of any issue. - Supports background time tracking, while you access another application. - Data is secure and saved in our cloud server storage. - Ability to generate advanced report and export them in .pdf and excel formats for all the tasks logged using iPhone application through the web application. - Advanced functionalities like create clients, link with projects, users, departments and link with projects, add tasks etc and access them through your iPhone application. ---- What you need to get started? 1) Download the Talygen iPhone time tracking application and login into the app to get started. 2) Optionally you can login to web app and add project data, which can be used for specific project and task based time tracking in the app. Various people who need to charge clients by the hour, whether it’s IT companies, photographers, lawyers, doctors, contractors or freelancers basically any one who charges by the hour, use Talygen. Data is stored online in a cloud server so whatever data you update is updated to our online server, therefore your data is always safe, you can also track time through the web app, iPhone app that we have, and using the web app time tracker you can export various types of reports in .pdf or excel formats. Using these reports you can charge your clients, on hours spent on their work. As Talygen iPhone application is cloud based even if your iPhone is not with you, all your data will be safe online, you just need to download Talygen iPhone application on any iPhone, sign in using your account details and voila your data will be back. Talygen allows you to keep track of your employees. If you are running a company you can create Talygen accounts for your employees and if they move offsite they can keep track of their time using the web app or iPhone to punch in and punch out of a project, you can see real time updates of your employees through the web app, and bill your employee’s time to your clients.


Technical specifications

Version: 4.3.0

Size: 10.57 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Talygen

Day of release: 2013-03-21

Recommended age: 4+

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