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Tantrums 911

75% Off Holiday Special! Why Pay More Later? Are you tired of or embarrassed by your kids' tantrums? Are your kids driving you crazy? Have you tried threats, ...

Discontinued App


75% Off Holiday Special! Why Pay More Later? Are you tired of or embarrassed by your kids' tantrums? Are your kids driving you crazy? Have you tried threats, consequences, rewards, time out, everything…but nothing works? Do you need help NOW, with quick tips and help right at your fingertips when you need it the most? Do you want tantrums, fights, no trust and insecure and/or rebellious kids? Kids that only do things when you’re looking or for a reward? Or…Do you want kids that trust you, listen to you, have fun with you and have a deep connection with you for life? Truly self-confident, insightful, compassionate kids, kids that see into the heart of another and find solutions no matter what’s going on? You are already an incredible parent! This App is a simple lifeline to bring that out, no matter what’s happening around you! With Tantrums 911, you learn how to transform the “terrible twos” to the “terrific twos,” prevent the fights, transform them if you’re already having them & as your kids grow, even prevent or transform the rebellious teens! With Tantrums 911, you not only learn how to stop tantrums and fights, you learn how to easily get to the root of what’s really going on, have more fun with your kids & have such a deep quality of connection with your kids, that together you create solutions to everything, where EVERYONE’s needs are met! Your needs AND your kids’ needs. NO COMPROMISES! Your kids do things WILLINGLY from the HEART! Not just when you’re looking or for a reward. Would you like simple steps, a quick cheat sheet to refer to & even learn how to quickly give yourself a break so you can stop yourself from doing something in the heat of the moment you may later regret? And, if you keep doing what you learn, as your kids grow up, not only have the embarrassing, frustrating tantrums & fights dissipate, no matter how someone talks to your kids, they’ll know how to see straight into the other person’s heart and find solutions, & no matter how your kids approach you, be able to dissipate things, because you’ll know how to look straight into their hearts, from your heart, figure out what’s going on, connect, & transform? Sounds like a fantasy, right? But the proof is in the pudding! Tantrums 911 is based on a communication process that has been helping parents worldwide transform their relationship with their kids for over 40 years! My name is Valerie Jampolsky & I am a parent of amazing twin boys (for all you parents of multiples out there!), an entertainment attorney & a child & family therapist. As a child, I went through some very difficult experiences with my parents that I would never want another child to go through… ever. My relationship with my parents today is wonderful, but what I internalized as a child was very difficult to overcome. As a child & family therapist, I worked with kids that pulled knives on people, & would make incredible progress with them, but their parents would inadvertently say or do something that would undo in a second all my progress, & it broke my heart. So I searched far & wide for over 20 years. How can I help parents so they don’t make the mistakes that my parents did, the mistakes that I see most parents make? My parents did the best that they could with the resources that they had at the time and so are you! Then about five years ago I came across the amazing work of Marshall Rosenberg, but it’s not easily available 24/7 right at your fingertips when you need it the most, so, I created Tantrums 911! It’s based on my program, Parenting 911: Open Hearted Parenting, which is based on Marshall Rosenberg’s NVC teachings which have been helping families worldwide transform their relationships with their kids for over 40 years! So get started now on your new family! Download Tantrums 911 Now!


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