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Attention Travelers! Communication in Korea just got easier with this useful language tool. It does not require an internet connection! Visit iAplusApps.com ...

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Attention Travelers! Communication in Korea just got easier with this useful language tool. It does not require an internet connection! Visit iAplusApps.com and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more great travel apps and language tools. You don’t have to learn Korean. With Tap & Talk, you can choose phrases in English and translate them into Korean (text and spoken) with just a tap of the finger. Hear over 4,000 phrases in 15 categories available in audio, spoken by a native Korean speaker! If you are going to Korea and cannot speak Korean, Tap & Talk can help you communicate in essential situations, such as a restaurant, hotel, taxi, chatting with locals, asking for directions, etc. Carry it with you wherever you go to communicate important words, phrases, and conversations, all with just an easy tap of the finger. It is a great tool for tourists, backpackers, business people, and students. TAP & TALK WORKS LIKE THIS: there are 15 categories of dialogue. Within each category are more specific situations. For example, if you tap the “Transportation” category, you can further choose between Subway, Bus, Taxi, or Boat. Within each situation, there is a list of common phrases for you to choose from. For example, under Dining --> Ordering, you can tap the phrase “May we have a menu, please?” Each phrase is written in English and Korean. When you tap a phrase, it will play the audio in Korean. So you can either play the audio for the person you are trying to communicate with, or show them the writing on your iPhone. If you need them to respond, they can tap the correct response and you will be able to read it in English. That’s not all! Here is a FULL LIST OF FEATURES… -15 SITUATIONAL CATEGORIES: Basic, Communication, Flying, Transportation, Driving, Reservation, Accommodations, Dining, Money & Numbers, Shopping, Sightseeing, Accidents, Getting Sick, Culture, and Entertainment. -OVER 4,000 PHRASES AND 2,000 ADDITIONAL COMMON WORDS. Some phrases allow you to input specific information, such as numbers, places, or time of day. -You do not need to speak the phrases and questions you want to use; just tap them and they are SPOKEN IN KOREAN BY A NATIVE SPEAKER AND AVAILABLE IN AUDIO. Then the other person can tap the correct phrase to respond or answer your question. -SIMPLE, EASY-TO-USE INTERFACE allows you to find what you need easily. -BOOKMARK FUNCTION allows you to keep favorite phrases and conversations in one place for easy reference. -“WRITE” TOOL, a manual key-in and drawing pad, allows you to draw simple diagrams or use handwriting to help with communication. -“INFORMATION” tab includes additional useful travel info, such as cities, common facilities, unit conversion, etc.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0

Size: 130.84 MB


Price: 3,59 €

Developed by iAplusApps.com

Day of release: 2012-06-28

Recommended age: 4+

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