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"Refreshing and different" iPadkids.com "Really sweet and unique" smartappsforkids.com "Great resource for kids, young people, and adults alike... I just ...

Discontinued App


"Refreshing and different" iPadkids.com "Really sweet and unique" smartappsforkids.com "Great resource for kids, young people, and adults alike... I just love this idea!" Dr Linda Hamilton, Thanknest.com Tap Me Happy is a virtual happy place for kids! Put what makes your child happy in their 'Tap me Happy' app! Developed by an Australian Clinical Psychologist. Great for Kids with: * Autism * Intellectual Disability * Learning Difficulties Or Kids who are going through a difficult time because of: * Grief * Illness * Being bullied * A parent being away for work Lots of applications! Users add whatever makes them happy, within each of 4 categories: •Photos - of loved ones, family members, friends, special things, special events. •Videos - of special occasions, places, of everyday moments. •Audio -record your own memories, happy thoughts, and ideas. •Text - write down quotes, memories, affirmations, happy thoughts, special messages. Features: •Press the Tap Me Happy button for a random happy entry to display •Watch a slideshow of entries within a category •Add photos and videos directly to the app, or choose from the camera library •Add audio messages and text directly to the app. •Pre-loaded samples let you see how the app works. •Most kids (and grown-ups too!) love to see, hear and read all the special things that make them happy. What's the Psychology behind the app? Adding entries might focus attention on happy things, improving mood. Users could also go to their ‘Tap Me Happy’ app when feeling unhappy to try and make themselves feel better. Tap Me Happy may help with emotion regulation, language stimulation and understanding of cause and effect. Lots of applications for this simple, easy to use app! Kids and adults not yet able to read and write, or with special needs can get help to make entries to ‘Tap Me Happy’ by a parent, carer, teacher or therapist (leaving out text entries). They can then independently press the ‘Tap Me Happy’ button to view what makes them happy. Currently being trialled by teachers, carers & therapists! Parents and teacher please note!!! No ads, no in-app purchases. What you put in the app stays in the app. ‘Tap Me Happy’ was developed by Belinda Ratcliffe, MPsych(Clin), BSc(Hons), MAPS, an Australian Clinical Psychologist with a special interest in Autism, Intellectual Disability & Mental Health. Please get in touch via: Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/InteractiveFeelings Twitter: @intfeelings Website: www.interactivefeelings.com Email: admin@interactivefeelings.com Tap me Happy is dedicated with love, to Kate Johnston. Kate, every entry to each ‘Tap Me Happy’ app, honours your life, and your memory.


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Version: 1.0

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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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