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The iPhone and iPad Race Timing System Simple, Intuitive and Proven race timing since 2010 Tap Timing is the iPhone and iPad race timing system that ...

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The iPhone and iPad Race Timing System Simple, Intuitive and Proven race timing since 2010 Tap Timing is the iPhone and iPad race timing system that allows you to time race events accurately without the need for expensive equipment. Schedule, Race and Publish your results at the Tap of a button it’s that simple, yet also very powerful! We could tell you how great the product is to use and how effortlessly you can time races and publish results but our happy customers say it the best... “We have been using the Tap Timing app. very successfully at cyclo cross events within  the Yorkshire area for over a year now.  It provides accurate lap times and positions for all competitors in the race.  There is also a useful facility which allows you to see where you were within a given category.  A very useful app.  Highly recommended!” Yorkshire Cyclocross Association “We’ve been successfully using Tap Timing for 2 seasons now with our Nutcracker MTB XC race events. The product is superb and works perfectly, providing accurate timing and producing very quick results. We’ve found it to handle everything that we throw at it and would highly recommend it” Bikelicker Events The Tap Timing App is supported by TapTiming.com where you have everything you need for your event. And there are no hidden Pro Fees, now or coming in the future! TapTiming.com provides : Published Results. Our published results pages are beautiful and provide excellent features for your riders to analyse and compare their performance. It is racing after all! And if you want to do more in depth analysis you can always Download results in CSV format Event Organiser. Setup your events using your browser and then send down to the phone. Once you have scheduled your events you can publish them and they will appear in the Tap Timing Race Schedule. Backup and Restore. If you are running a series of races over the summer, say, we know how important your results are. TapTiming.com allows you to backup and restore your results. Racing is fun! So TapTiming.com allows you to share that with your riders and future riders. Upload pictures from your events and let others know what they are missing.   Features List: Plan your season: - Add an Event Plan: name it, provide a location, and give it a description; - Create your races: provide a race name, registration and start time; and - Manage your categories and add them to the races you’ve created. Arrange your Event Plans: - Schedule Event: Determine the number of events in the Event Plan; - An Event Scheduling Wizard: Guides you through the process of filling in event details; - Series: Determine whether the Event Plan should have a Series; - Live Race Diary: Displays the scheduled events and races in date order. The Live Race Diary allows you to: - Register and create new competitors for a race; - Manage and create new categories for a race; - Start your events; - Start your races. Race timing/publishing: - Start race; - Enter laps for registered and 'on-the-line' competitors; - Correction facility for incorrectly entered laps; - Last-5 racers entered; - Real-time view of standings; - Race clock; - End race; - Lap splitting, adding, editing and deleting; - Automatic scheduling of the next race for the event; - Advanced results validation facility which highlights suspect laps; - Re-run a race; - Insert a missing racer if they have been missed from the results; - Conversely, you can remove a racer from the results; - Supports ‘DNF’ should a racer abandon the race; - Email race results; and - Publish race results as a spreadsheet - useful if you have ‘levies’ to pay to your cycling governing body; - Management of every competitor you’ve ever created in the system; - Fast copying of vast numbers of competitors into future events; - In races where you’ve pre-allocated race numbers, Tap will take care of this for all of your races across every event in your season.


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