Discontinued App


Can learning be fun? TapTot proves it! Teach your little ones Colors, Shapes, Numbers and Letters with TapTot. Buy TapTot once and sync and play on all ...

Discontinued App


Can learning be fun? TapTot proves it! Teach your little ones Colors, Shapes, Numbers and Letters with TapTot. Buy TapTot once and sync and play on all devices! TapTot works on iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad (and only requires iOS 3.2 or higher) TapTot combines multi-sensory engagement to provide a deeper and richer learning experience... in other words they will HEAR, SEE, and TOUCH basic Learning Elements in a way they will enjoy over and over again! Your children will also begin to learn a sense of achievement as they earn Gold Stars for correctly choosing the Learning Elements in a fun and interactive experience! Can you tell we're excited about this? Your kids will be too! ... Have you ever wanted to just enjoy a nice dinner out with the family without worrying about your kids? Let TapTot engage them while they learn! ... Do you wonder when is the right time to begin pre-academic learning exercises? If they can interact with your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad they can easily play TapTot and have fun! ... Are you (like us) always looking for quality apps for you children? Look no further then right here! Why will your children love TapTot? ... TapTot is Smart! Designed with the assistance of a Speech Pathologist who works with special needs pre-schoolers. ... TapTot is Engaging! Made for toddlers and children learning these important pre-academic Learning Elements. ... TapTot is Fun! A fun, friendly art style which will draw kids in to want to play and learn! ... TapTot is Simple! As your child plays through these fun mini-games they will learn by ‘matching and catching’ the falling Learning Elements. ... Learn and Earn! Get a Gold Star to progress through three levels of difficulty for each of the Learning Element mini-games. ... Memory Booster Bonus! The Matching mini-game helps reinforce learning by visually matching Learning Elements together. Unique variations of this game give it endless playability. Finally, an app that your child can continue to use over and over! Blue Mint Studios is devoted to providing rich and engaging experiences through technology and we are deeply passionate about making great learning experiences for children that are engaging and FUN! See for yourself in the screenshots below and check out some gameplay video on http://www.taptot.com And don't forget to buy the app here NOW! :) We want to hear from you. Send us your ideas! feedback@bluemintstudios.com TapTot is an auditory, visual and fine motor experience, designed to teach your child valuable pre-academic skills. Your child will learn Colors, Shapes, Numbers and Letters all while having fun. TapTot promotes learning and retention as your children play either the dedicated learning levels or the bonus matching game included. Don't let your children waste another minute on another mindless app! Download TapTot now!


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Version: 1.0.4160

Size: 39.18 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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