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Take charge of your life! And if you are not sure how, hand over the reins to the Task Manager application. What`s been bothering you? Missed ...

Discontinued App


Take charge of your life! And if you are not sure how, hand over the reins to the Task Manager application. What’s been bothering you? Missed deadlines? A chain of unfinished tasks? Oodles of time wasted but little to show for productivity? Priorities have been askew even with all your prudent and noble intentions? And now you must ask yourself, is your work-life balance in shambles? If you are nodding and mouthing a silent “Yes” to each of the questions posed, then it is time you got your tasks in order, your priorities lined up, and your hours and minutes sorted out. And no, this does not mean more To-Do lists than what you have now. Instead tear up those lists, delete those reminders, remove the post-it notes, and take a simpler route to a more controlled life, both at your workplace and at home. Take the “app(t)” way out to âœâ€Save Time. ☑ Because time is money. âœâ€Be More Productive. ☑Because there are other tasks waiting. âœâ€Manage Deadlines. ☑Because you are a responsible worker. âœâ€Manage Tasks. ☑Because you often multi-task. âœâ€Prioritize Tasks. ☑Because there is only so much time in a day. The Task Manager application allows you to organize your entire life with just a few taps and flicks and that too, all within a single device and on an elegant clutter-free interface that is easy on the eye. âœâ€Create a new task, to get going âœâ€Categorize each task, to control every aspect of your life âœâ€Capture notes, to know what a task is in an instant âœâ€Assign priority to a task, to ensure your time runs with clockwork precision âœâ€Manage your task’s progress, to ensure there are no missed deadlines âœâ€Manage your task deadlines, so that you are the most productive you can be *****Remember!!! Time is limited. Time is valuable. Time is money. A missed deadline is a lost opportunity. And relationships are precious. A deadline missed can be costly. An incomplete task adds to your stress. And all the hours and the minutes that are wasted at the workplace take away from your “me” time or the time you would or could have spent with your family, friends, a pet, or engaging an activity you enjoy. You are tired of seeing doors closed on you and experiencing a sufficient amount of frustration. This can all change. The road with bumps on it can soon be smooth. Productivity that you have not ever seen on a consistence basis can be yours to grasp. But for this you need the Task Manager at your fingertips! ***So, download the TASK MANAGER application and MOBILIZE and MANEUVER your life so SUCCESS!


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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