Dynamics TaskNReward helps you Organize your child’s schedule with using a simple and effective visual schedule. The Task & Reward Concept is to show ...

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Dynamics TaskNReward helps you Organize your child’s schedule with using a simple and effective visual schedule. The Task & Reward Concept is to show your child what he/she is required to do before they can receive a reward. With our unique system of visual schedule you can support your children’s ‘working session’ with visuals to make sure that they know what is expected of them. Task & Reward allows a progression in the amount of tasks that the child is required to do before he/she gets a reward or take a break. Our system will help improve managing the child’s behaviour as well as progressively increase the attention span to do tasks. TaskNReward allows you to individualise your child’s schedule by using any of our pre-set pictures that include different tasks and different reward or to take a picture of the actual task your child will be required to perform and the actual reward your child will receive. This way you can allow your child an opportunity to participate in choosing his/her reward. TaskNReward allows you the flexibility to record your own voice to further individualise the visual schedule. Our App gives an immediate reward by getting a star and a verbal praise when the task is finished (by double clicking on the task card it will turn, the flip side of the card will show a star and a verbal praise will be sounded). The App also shows the final reward that will be given at the end of the working session. TaskNReward can be used to teach a sequence of activities and routines like performing morning or evening routines by using pictures to show the child the steps they need to follow for their routines. This App uses clear and colourful pictures to visually show what is expected of your child and will help give a visual reminder to what is now and what is next. You can use it in the classroom, at home, during outing and whenever your child may not be cooperative and may need structure. The App will show your child the reward they are working for and will enhance their willingness to participate in non-preferred activities. It can help teach cause and effect and sequence of actions. Unique Features: Clear animated pictures Flexibility to take your own picture and record your own voice Double reward system: Immediate reward for each task preformed (Star & Verbal Praise); Final reward when child finished all the tasks Simple to use Does not allow child to tap the final reward prior to completing all the tasks Helps improve attention span by increasing amount of tasks to perform before Final Reward is given.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0.1

Size: 13.29 MB


Price: 2,74 €

Developed by Dynamics Therapy Centre for Kids Pte Ltd

Day of release: 2012-08-16

Recommended age: 4+

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