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Taskilicious - Color Personal Project Management Taskilicious is a personal project manager app that color everything you need to know. Not randomly ...

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Taskilicious - Color Personal Project Management Taskilicious is a personal project manager app that color everything you need to know. Not randomly color everything but color the projects and task properly that you will know what the most important is and only focus on it. Base on the methodology of a book "HOW TO GET CONTROL OF YOUR TIME AND YOUR LIFE" by Alan Lakein, once you add new project, Taskilicious will sort all projects and their tasks that you add with the following order: A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, B3, C1, C2, C3 Class A: the most important tasks, do them first Class B: less important tasks, do them when you have time Class C: not necessary to do it unless it turn to Class B or A With the beautiful card stack user interface, Taskilicious will sort all your projects and only show you the higher priority project in the front. Taskilicious is neat and nice with easy control gesture and come with following great and useful functionality: Todo List: -Every project has its own todo list and sort by its priority -Each task in the list will have its own priority and its estimate time the user provide -Built-in preset task can reduct your redundant and duplicate typing -Auto summing up all tasks their estimate time -Easy access for each task when user need to complete or delete it Time Clock: Simulate a real world working process that you can manage your time and trace how much time you spend on it, also you can take a short memo every time you "clock out" to remind the user how the process is going. Note: mark down everything after your brain storm and track them with its auto time log *Document: Taskilicious is compatible with Dropbox® so that you can download all files reference you need for Dropbox and view them by just simple single tap. It supports for the following items: -iWork documents -Microsoft Office documents (Office ‘97 and newer) -Rich Text Format (RTF) documents -PDF files -Images -Text files whose uniform type identifier (UTI) conforms to -the public.text type -Comma-separated value (csv) files *Document functionality need Internet Access and user dropbox account access. Added in-app browser -Faster to access the Internet resource for your project -Save webpage as printed PDF and access anytime without Internet connection(*printed view may be different from browser view because of the the webpage format) Documents now support image import and in-app browser import -import from camera -import from photo library -import from map Don't forget to write down a review on the AppStore, to let other users know what do you think of Taskilicious


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