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TEACH SOMEONE TO DRIVE. Learning to drive? Practise correctly with this app. Many friends or family who attempt to help a learner with private practice ...

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TEACH SOMEONE TO DRIVE. Learning to drive? Practise correctly with this app. Many friends or family who attempt to help a learner with private practice encounter problems. Most are unprepared and do not have the correct information and advice to hand. This can result in confusion, panic and often tears. This app has been developed by experienced approved driving instructors to give the qualified driver the correct teaching methods to carry out practice sessions safely and confidently. For the best results the app should be used in conjunction with a course of lessons with an approved driving instructor. Learners who combine practice with their lessons gain experience and skills in different conditions and situations. This will help them to pass the driving test but also better prepare them for everyday driving in the future . The app is divided into the key stages for learning to drive a manual car. Legal requirements Driver position. Clutch. Changing gear. Moving off and stopping. Driving Left and right turn. Traffic lights. Pedestrian crossings. Roundabouts. Manoeuvres. Dual carriageway. Independent Driving FEATURES include A clear, concise teaching method for each stage. A fault analysis section for each stage Quiz questions for each stage. A log page to keep track of the learner's progress. Videos. LEARNERS WILL MAKE MISTAKES! Most learners will encounter the same difficulties and therefore will make the same mistakes. It can be difficult for the qualified driver,who may have been driving for many years, to understand the reaction of the learner. Therefore a fault analysis section for each stage has been compiled by approved driving instructors. They have used their years of experience to list all the common faults, followed by the causes and remedies. This way both learner and qualified driver can anticipate the faults and often prevent them from happening. The app can be referred to easily during a practice session. But before you do, remember the car must be stationary, with the engine off. Download your favourite UK Theory app along with this app and be prepared for both the UK Practical and Theory tests. Share your experiences and comments, and ask questions @twitter. The accompanying driver must be over 21 and have held a full licence for G.B. or Ireland for 3 years. The learner must hold a valid provisional licence for G.B or Ireland. The vehicle must be roadworthy, properly taxed and insured. L plates must be fixed to front and rear of vehicle. App created by Fred and Carla White, approved driving instructors and co-proprietors of Castle School of Driving.. They have over 30 years experience and more than 2,500 test passes between them.


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