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What is a Sound Dictionary and why is it so special? The Sound dictionary groups words by major vowel sound. For the first time in history people can ...

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What is a Sound Dictionary and why is it so special? The Sound dictionary groups words by major vowel sound. For the first time in history people can look up crazy English spelling from words they hear! There are two things you need to know about English in order to use the dictionary: 1) Word stress is really important in English - English is a stress-based language, this means one and only one syllable in every word is more important than all the other syllables. Who knew? The imPORtant SYllable is LOUder, LONger and HIGHer than all the Others. 2) There are 16 vowel sounds in English. To make speaking English easy, there is one more amazing thing you need to understand. You probably know there are five vowels in English - A, E, I, O, U - but did you know they represent 16 vowel sounds. The miraculous coincidence in English is that each of the 16 vowel sounds can be found in the names of 16 ordinary colors. Long ‘a’ is in the word Gray, short ‘a’ is in the word Black, long ‘e’ is in the word Green, short ‘e’ is in the word Red and so on. (The complete Thompson Vowel/Color Chart is found under the Reference tab in the Sound Dictionary and available as a Free Download from www.thompsonlanguagecenter.com) Deductive Logic: All syllables have one vowel sound. All words have one important syllable. Vowel sounds are associated 1:1 with ordinary colors, therefore all words are one color. I’ll say it again. No Exceptions: The Sound Dictionary is based on 4 rules that are always true about pronouncing English 1. There is one vowel sound in every syllable 2. There is one most important syllable in every word 3. Every vowel sound in English is a color 4. Every word in English is a color Speaking English is easy. The education system has been looking at English the wrong way! Spelling is random and no one can speak English from reading it. The tradition ‘alphabetical’ dictionary is no help in a non-phonetic language because you have to know how to spell a word before you can look it up! The Sound Dictionary solves all that. From Writing to Speaking: The Sound Dictionary categorizes the 2,000 most common words in English into one of 16 Color Chapters. If you know how to spell the word type it into Search Word in the Dictionary. The word appears in its written form, English Phonetic Alphabet (EPA) /funedik/ form with the name of the word’s color, and synonyms if there are any, on a background of the shade of the word to show learners how the word is pronounced. From Speaking to Writing: Students can hear the vowel sound in ‘head’, ‘said’, ‘friend’ and ‘guest’ is the same but they can’t remember how to spell the crazy words. Click the Color Tab to the left of Dictionary on the home page and choose Red for word list and spelling of the most common short ‘e’ words in English. If the word you are looking for is not in the dictionary Suggest a Word to the right of the Dictionary is the place to send us that word for us to include in future updates of the app.


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