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------------ Some Feedback We Have Received ------------ "Have tried a number of apps for this purpose but none delivered the simplicity and functionality ...

Discontinued App


------------ Some Feedback We Have Received ------------ "Have tried a number of apps for this purpose but none delivered the simplicity and functionality of yours." "It is simple to use, easily customised and completely satisfies it's function." ------------------------------------------------------------------ Teachers Planner is an effective ‘alternate week’ planning aid suitable for all teaching professionals, whether you are working a 5 or 7 day week with extra curricular activities Teachers Planner for iPad makes time-table planning and maintenance far easier and faster than traditional methods. Entire days, weeks and years can be mapped out and edited according to your schedule with ample space for each period and daily notes. All you have to do is create your ‘week 1’ and ‘week 2’ and at the tap of a button Teachers Planner does the rest. Note: The generator creates weeks that start on Mondays only. We are working at creating a user defined solution for this. Information for each day, week or term can be edited and even emailed for easy archival (for ofsted compliance), printing or discussion with colleagues. You may also choose from an array of coloured backgrounds to improve subject tracking and notification alerts make missed homework and other tasks a thing of the past, in fact Teachers Planner is so versatile you’ll wonder how you ever got on without it. ---- Key Features ---- Lots of custom options to choose from including 1 or 2 week timetable rotations. Create individual days at a time, create a full week at a time or create all the weeks between two dates (will automatically alternate between week 1/week2). Add all your classes and assign a colour to them for easy recognition. Assign classes to your timetables. Work with 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 or 11 lesson days! Work with 5 or 7 day weeks. Email full days lesson plan/homework easily and quickly. Swipe to change days. You can now swipe left or right to change the days as well as using the arrow buttons! At the end of the academic year just archive the previous years classes/notes and clear your planner for the next year. The archived year can then be accessed at any time! (Please read FAQ/Help section on Archive BEFORE using) Lesson template times for the periods! Lesson template room numbers! For any and all problems please email: support@watsonsapps.co.uk Please also see out Facebook Page for any help and discussions: http://www.facebook.com/TeachersPlanner


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