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Tecnam Private Pilot

Special Oshkosh sale! Act NOW and SAVE! 50% off all InApp purchases until Sunday August 4th. Checkout eKneeBoard, in the App Store, for the BEST iEFB ...

Discontinued App


Special Oshkosh sale! Act NOW and SAVE! 50% off all InApp purchases until Sunday August 4th. Checkout eKneeBoard, in the App Store, for the BEST iEFB with Integrated Interactive Training Courses and a National VFR/IFR GeoReferenced Yearly Data Plan for UNDER 25 bucks.  Several Major US Universities use our courseware in their Aeronautics Programs. Many large US Flight Schools use our courseware in their Career Pilot Training Programs. Dozens of small to mid sized Flight Schools use our courseware for their Pilot Training Programs. Ask your Flight School today to join our approved schools program. Our email support is available 24 hours x 7 days a week. Most support questions are resolved within 4 hours. Have you ever thought about learning to fly your own airplane? Want an introduction to Light Sport Aircraft? Or do you need to review for the ground portion of your Bi-Annual Flight Review? The Tecnam Flight Center (TFC) app is an easy to use, mobile and integrated source of aviation information and learning materials. It can provide a basic introduction to Tecnam aircraft and, depending on the additional material it enables you to download, it can serve as a multi-media learning platform to prepare a student to pass their Sport Pilot or Private Pilot ground school exam. Experienced pilots will also find it invaluable as a consistently up to date source of all the information they will need to review for the oral portion of their BFR. The basic TFC app provides a wealth of information on Tecnam LIght Sport Aircraft, their features, pricing and capabilities. It also provides samples of actual Tecnam Sport and Private Pilot training lessons so you can thoroughly understand the features and benefits of the full course before purchasing it. When you’re ready, download an entire Sport Pilot or Private Pilot ground school course and know it will always, and transparently, be updated with the latest information or regulations. Tecnam Flight Training courses give the user the ability to study from their desktop or laptop computer and, at no additional cost, on their iPad, iTouch or iPhone. Our patented technology allows the student to view each lesson module as a 10 - 15 minute video and, simultaneously access directly related supplemental information in the Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge, a Tecnam Pilot Operating Handbook, the FAA’s Federal Aviation Regulations or the Airman’s Information Manual. At the end of each lesson, a quiz is provided with direct, single button indexing to explanatory help or a review of the specific portion of the video lesson pertaining to that question. Students will see each question at least three times during the entire course and be thoroughly prepared for their written exam or the BFR oral review. When the TFC flight training courseware is integrated in to the Tecnam Flight Center pilot training program it provides the flight school additional benefits. Part 61 and 141 syllabi are available that directly correlate with the course materials running on the student’s PCs, Mac, iPads, iPhone and iTouch. Using the Tecnam Flight Center portal, instructors can see exactly what lessons a student has completed or has in progress. Not only do they know each student’s quiz scores but also where students might be struggling with specific lesson content. That information can be anonymously correlated across all the Tecnam Flight Centers and, as trends are observed, new course content can be generated and transparently downloaded to students. ******************************************** NOTE: No need to enter your login information for the demo lessons. You will receive a Learning Center Code from your Flight School or Flight Training Organization. email Support at: support@enldev.com


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