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Answer calls and chats coming directly from visitors to your website or myswitchboard.info page. See valuable contextual data about your web callers. ...

Discontinued App


Answer calls and chats coming directly from visitors to your website or myswitchboard.info page. See valuable contextual data about your web callers. Make telephone calls from your iPad. Problem: Despite investing countless hours and dollars on content, design, pay-per-click advertising, and search engine optimization, businesses take an average of 42 hours to interact with a visitor to their site. As a result, the conversion rate of website visitors into customers for most businesses is unacceptably low (1-4%). Solution: Teledini enables instant interaction between the website visitor and the site owner, while simultaneously delivering valuable data about the visitor to the owner, improving conversion rates by as much as 60%. Teledini’s instant interaction tools can be placed on any website in less than 20 minutes. Teledini is completely free to set up and easy to install. Website owners simply copy and paste a few lines of code into the footer of their website. They don’t pay until they are connected to a purchase-ready customer. Teledini’s solution is comprised of three integrated components: Call2Action EngagementWindow Website owners can place a unique Call2Action button on each page of their website. When a visitor clicks the Call2Action button, a sleek EngagementWindow slides out. Web visitors are offered a myriad of ways to connect with the business and can choose the interaction method they are most comfortable using. The choices include: Click-to- Talk, Click-to-CallMeBack, Click-to-Chat, Click-to-Video and Click-to- Message. Contact numbers and location information for the business are also delivered in the EngagementWindow. Teledini’s Call2Action EngagementWindow replaces the traditional “contact us” page on a website that is both antiquated and proven ineffective. DecisionEngine Teledini features sophisticated interaction routing. Each interaction is delivered to the right person at the right time. Web owners can choose to simultaneously ring multiple numbers, people and devices based on product or page. Salespeople have the flexibility to determine how and when they can be reached most effectively by choosing their numbers, devices and availability. CallerIQ CallerIQ helps to maximize the value of customer interactions by displaying key information about a web visitor at the instant the interaction is delivered to the right person. This enables immediate relevant responses to the web visitor and opens up tremendous tracking capabilities. CallerIQ reports make it possible to track online campaigns, banner advertising and site performance on a page-by- page basis not only periodically, but in real time as desired.


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Version: 1.31

Size: 6.16 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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