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Telescopes: A Fun and Rewarding Hobby For Everyone ------------------------------- Many people are fascinated with stars in the night sky. On a clear ...

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Telescopes: A Fun and Rewarding Hobby For Everyone ------------------------------- Many people are fascinated with stars in the night sky. On a clear night when you can see a sky full of tiny lights, it can truly be an overwhelming and beautiful experience. After all, with the vastness of space, it becomes very obvious how truly small we are in the big scope of the universe. When we look at the stars with the naked eye, they are simply twinkling lamps that make for a pretty night. But when you are able to look at the stars and planets through the lens of a telescope, you’ll see a much different sight. With the help of a telescope, you can see crevices and craters on the moon, the brilliance of the stars, and so much more. There are many, many constellations in the sky - all with a storied history rooted in mythology and with their own stories. Without telescopes, there are many discoveries that wouldn’t have been made. New planets and moons are being discovered as are new galaxies and solar systems. You don’t have to be interested in space necessarily to enjoy using a telescope. What you do need, however, is a desire to learn something new about the world we live in. Everyone can enjoy the fun and rewarding hobby that telescopes provide. Young people can learn about the brilliance of space, older people can pass on their knowledge as they continue to find more new and exciting discoveries with telescopes. In this book, we’ll explore several different topics that have to do with telescoping as a hobby. You’ll learn the history of the telescope and how they have evolved to where we are today. We’ll show you some of the constellations that can be found along with the history behind those constellations. Plus, we’ll guide you toward the right kind of telescope for the uses you have in mind. It’s a big world out there with many discoveries to be made. A telescope will help you to make them. So let’s explore telescoping - a fun and rewarding hobby for anyone! ------------------------------ FREE BONUS: Telescopes Mastery ------------------------------ * Learn about the brilliance of space * History of telescopes * What do you really want to do with your telescope? * How much money do you want to spend? * Things to consider when choosing different types of telescopes * Terminology you will want to know about * Learn the basics of the night sky * What to find in the sky? * How to make your own telescope * The basic concept hiding behind a telescope * and much more you'll discover inside...


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