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Tell Me

...... Special Discount to celebrate the release of Kmaru`s 1st Series of Learn Korean App ‘Tell Me`! $2.99 -> Temporarily Free! ...... There ...

Discontinued App


...... Special Discount to celebrate the release of Kmaru’s 1st Series of Learn Korean App ‘Tell Me’! $2.99 -> Temporarily Free! ...... There was no Korean learning App like this until now. It is an easy but a great Learn Korean App, to be the world’s first App developed by Hangeul specialists in Korea with multidisciplinary and scientific technology based on fundamentals of Korean language. Korean is no longer difficult to learn. ■ We suggest this App to: - Children learning Korean who wants to learn correct pronunciation - Anyone learning Korean - Anyone who wants to know the correct pronunciation - Anyone who wants to know the meaning of Korean words - Anyone who knows the meaning but doesn’t know how to read properly Now you can easily learn by writing, seeing it for yourself and listening to exact Korean pronunciation!! You can see phonetic symbols and listen to the pronunciation in the order of writing first, second (vowel) and/or final consonant to make up a letter. This App is protected by patent. Correct pronunciation is possible by self-directed learning! Even beginners can easily learn Korean by listening to pronunciation of all possible arrangements of letters. From children of age from 2 to 7 learning Korean as mother tongue, to foreigners (10’s ~ 50’s) who may be fans of Hallyu(Korean Wave), can easily make up words and listen to correct pronunciation. ● Features of 'Tell Me': * Can learn correct writing of letters according to the fundaments of Hangeul * Provides pronunciation of 11,172 possible arrangements of letters * High quality audio for correct listening and speaking * You can learn any Korean words * Provides precise search of the meaning of a word ● FAQ [Q] Is it available in App Store US? [A] It is available in App Stores of all countries and regions. [Q] $0.99 was charged. [A] It is only a virtual payment procedure to validate your credit card information you first registered or updated, and thus will not be actually charged. [Q] Can’t hear the pronunciation. [A] Please check the volume.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.1

Size: 6.09 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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