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Do you want to use your iPad to create or modify an academic paper? Is the paper required to be in MLA (Modern Language Association) or APA (American ...

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Do you want to use your iPad to create or modify an academic paper? Is the paper required to be in MLA (Modern Language Association) or APA (American Psychological Association) 6th Edition format? Want to avoid having to figure out how to format your citations? TermPaper can do it! Features: - Type (or copy/paste) and/or import (from iTunes) paper contents. Can include characters not present on iPad keyboard. - Assign formatting information (title, author, instructor, etc.). - Enter your reference citations (TermPaper understands 41 different flavors of them, plus variations). - Press and click to add your in-text references to your content. - Choose the font you want to use for your printed paper (for MLA format): Times New Roman, Helvetica, or Georgia 10, 12 or 14. - Pick which format you need: MLA or APA (or switch formats). - Preview the fully formatted paper, with correctly formatted Works Cited/References section, title page, abstract, and headers with page numbers. - Export or email a print ready PDF that exactly matches the preview. - Export or email a Word 2008 (.docx) format representation of your paper. Open it with Word on your computer or Pages on iPad. Add diagrams and text formatting before printing. - You can work with papers that are hundreds of pages in length! - Online support website. - Very simple, straightforward interface. You won't have to guess. LIMITATIONS: - Does not support formatted text (for example, italicizing, underlining, or bolding) in the body of the paper. Apple has not made this feature (editing formatted text) available yet in iPhone or iPad. It is part of Pages®, Apple's own App, and hopefully, will be available to the rest of the world soon. When it is, it will be a feature of TermPaper. For now, you can add your formatting by exporting in Word format and opening it in a Word compatible App (like Pages® for iPad). - Does not support footnotes. The MLA and APA specifications do not recommend the use of footnotes. In the future, given demand, it may be supported. - Word formatted exports do not support page headers. These will have to be added in the target application (Word or Pages). Page dimensions may also need to be adjusted. Look for details on the product support website.


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