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The TestButler is a mobile application to disseminate practical business knowledge within companies. Whenever large groups need to be thoroughly in command ...

Discontinued App


The TestButler is a mobile application to disseminate practical business knowledge within companies. Whenever large groups need to be thoroughly in command of essential content, the TestButler is at its best. It can address all employees at once, for example, with regulatory requirements such as compliance, security or data protection, or it can address specific target groups, say in sales, logistics or project management. The TestButler serves up user specific knowledge tests on the smartphones and tablets of employees, where they can be practiced as often as required, both online and offline, until a test is taken under time pressure. Successfully completed tests can be reported back to the test administrator, failed tests can be practiced over and over again. Updating tests and target groups is easy and can be done daily, if required. The TestButler app can be downloaded free of charge, but it designed for use by TestButler clients and will only be fully operational once you login as a user. User login requires a personal invitation and the selection of tests for you by a company registered on TestButler. To experience the TestButler functionality without login, use the FAQ included in this app. Here is an overview of the most important TestButler features: - Target groups and tests can be defined freely for each company - Several tests can be disseminated via one and the same app - The app is for Apple's iPhone & iPad, but also supports other devices - Daily updates of content and target groups are possible - Downloaded tests are available in flight mode and offline - Tests can be practiced with- or without time limit per question - Learning progress can be tracked and reset at any time - Successfully completed tests can be reported back - optionally - This app is available in english & german, more languages will follow - Tests can be provided in one- or in several languages - New tests can be developed quickly by using question starter kits Companies sign up for access to the TestButler by contacting us via info@testbutler.com and signing a license agreement. They then designate a company internal test administrator to manage their test content and target groups. Tests can be configured freely with multiple-choice questions, but target groups are restricted to the registered company. If required, access to a network of content specialists can be arranged. These consultants can accelerate the creation of new tests, for example, via the use of question starter kits, which can be adapted or extended as required. The available starter kits are driven by the needs of registered companies and will increase over time. Companies can use the TestButler to transmit critical business knowledge directly to the mobile devices of those employees that need to apply it. The knowledge and its target groups can be updated quickly, flexibly and cost efficiently. If works councils agree, companies can also use the TestButler to prove the rollout of tests and the knowledge level in their organization. Employees carry the essential knowledge for their job with them on their smartphone, using idle, waiting or travel time to learn it. They decide themselves when, where and how intensively they want to practice their questions, which are updated as required. Learning at their own pace, their command of the content becomes comprehensive and lasting. Once they have passed a test, they can report their success back to the test administrator, if they wish.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.1.22

Size: 3.56 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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