Discontinued App


TetraMagika: The Four-Fold Way of Magic Thank you for your overwhelming response! PLEASE NOTE: This application is recommended for iPad v2 Only. Have ...

Discontinued App


TetraMagika: The Four-Fold Way of Magic Thank you for your overwhelming response! PLEASE NOTE: This application is recommended for iPad v2 Only. Have you ever wished magic were real? Have you played games like Drawn and Mist and is a Harry Potter enthusiast who wished to know more about magic spells, charms, potions, and such? If so, here is your one of a kind app! TetraMagika is an exclusive handbook of magic disciplines with an interactive game that will help you learn and apply those disciplines.  What does it take to be a great wizard or a hero? What practices were expected from real heroes, knights, sorcerers and channelers of magic?  This is not a game of combat or role-playing, but a game you might play if you were a real druid, a student of Merlin, or a young witch studying with a famous Wiccan.  Learn why their are four suits in the Tarot, the mystery of the twelve knights, and the reason behind the pentangle. Up to ten players can start different quests to get to the center of the magic maze.  ****FEATURES**** * A reading section on water magic and famous shape shifters and sorcerers    Real potions to make from common herbs    Channeling animal power and taking on animal energy, using the gifts of the cauldron * A reading section on fire magic, dragons and famous metal smiths    Real disciplines to channel emotional energy and creative focus    Cautions about falling into the traps of dragon energy * A reading section on air magic and famous wizards    Mental disiplines to learn how to practice air magic    Cautions to help the mage avoid turning to evil * A reading section on earth magic, famous heroes and magical tools    Physical exercises and practices for the gifts of knighthood    Avoiding ego-based traps and becoming a tyrant * A reading section on stellar mythology * Flying dragon animations * Riddles and a wooded world to walk through via magical portals guarded by dragons * Ways to gain magic tokens that will help the novice learn the practices * A bibliography of magic books and great fantasy. * Ogham decoder and keyboard, article on how the Druids used Ogham runes * Transparent Help overlays on every screen * Multi-user, up to ten players If you want to know more about dragons, wizards and Western mythology, this is a great application that connects the four-fold way to almost everything in fantasy and pagan practice.  Learn the origins of the word "abacadabra" and the way in which dragons are tied to the emotions and colors.  Learn about the magic of the eight directional winds and real recipes for herbal teas that help healing. Explore a world filled with beautiful art and layers of meaning. This is a game to return to for years and years, a game that will stay with you all your life. Recommended age 10 and up; no violence, but good reading and verbal skills are required.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0

Size: 207.13 MB


Price: 1,99 €

Developed by R&D Innovations, LLC.

Day of release: 2012-01-16

Recommended age: 4+

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