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The Three Little Gators

**Featured in 310 places in iTunes!** **Highest ranking in U.S. App Store - #12** **Awards** 2011 Washington Children's Choice Picture Book Award nominee **Reviews** “Ketteman’s ...

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**Featured in 310 places in iTunes!** **Highest ranking in U.S. App Store - #12** **Awards** 2011 Washington Children's Choice Picture Book Award nominee **Reviews** “Ketteman’s retelling, including a sassy Texas twang, makes the story hilarious and bright....readers will be chiming in on cue....The colors are vibrant yet ominous and swampy....A fun choice for libraries and classrooms." School Library Journal "The book’s chief attraction...is Terry’s hilarious illustrations. His funny gators have distinct personalities, and the picture of the Boar stuck in the chimney is inspired. Brisk fun." Kirkus Reviews ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A delightful retelling of the Three Little Pigs story. Three little gators strike out on their own in an east Texas swamp. Their mother warns them to build strong houses that can protect them from Big-bottomed Boar, who likes to eat tasty, tender gators for his snack. Soon, First Gator builds himself a nice house out of rocks. Second Gator reckons rocks are too much work, so he builds his house with sticks. And Third Gator’s house of sand is the easiest one to build! But soon Big-bottomed Boar shows up. With a bump, bump, bump of the fierce boar's rump, he knocks over Third Gator's house of sand. It doesn't take long for that rump to bump Second Gator's house of sticks. But he can't knock over Third Gator's house of stones, so he tries another way in - through the chimney! Guess what happens to the Boar's rump after that?! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ **Features: -Specially tailored for children from 4 to 8 years old -Appealing HD illustrations by famous illustrator Will Terry -Accompanied by Helen Ketteman’s hilarious writing style -Packed with hours of comprehensive interactive fun and entertainment -Professional voice narration -Tuneful and stimulating background music, and sound effects -Universal app for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Welcome to BELUGABLOO! We are committed to serve one sole purpose, that is to ensure our young readers take pleasure in a unique and fun learning experience. We provide an instructive and engaging platform by bringing to life a selective collection of stories through the means of creative technology. BelugaBloo has teamed up with renowned American Publisher Albert Whitman to bring to life the already enchanting story to give readers an unforgettable experience! Albert Whitman books reach out to children of all backgrounds and experiences and include a wide variety of stories, illustrations, and topics. In many of our books, we respond to those who have challenging life situations—kids who must deal with prejudice or bullies; kids who must live with asthma or autism; kids whose families have been torn apart by divorce, war, or death. Find Albert Whitman & Company online at www.albertwhitman.com.Albert Whitman & Company has been publishing “good books for children” since 1919. Contact the BelugaBloo team by: info@belugabloo.com Keep in touch! Website: www.belugabloo.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/Belugabloo Twitter: twitter.com/belugabloo “BelugaBloo is not just a novelty, it is an experience.”


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