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The Tricky Troggle

The Tricky Troggle is the story of a small purple monster captured by mean Mr Grub. The Troggle does not seem to want to eat but Mr Grub soon learns that ...

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The Tricky Troggle is the story of a small purple monster captured by mean Mr Grub. The Troggle does not seem to want to eat but Mr Grub soon learns that Troggles eat just one very big meal a year. Mr A .Mazing is an expert on monsters and is often called upon to advise on how best to look after them. The monsters can cause such big problems that the Prime Minister has to consult him. Mr A Mazing usually knows just what to do but sometimes he asks for a second opinion from his friends Mr A. Stonishing, Mr A. Musing and Mr A.Larm. Mr A. Mazing lives with his wife in a cottage in the country. He is rarely seen without his peaked hat and glasses. He even goes to bed wearing them! Mr A. Mazing is very friendly with all the Monsters. He is especially fond of the Great Gulper and usually goes up to London once a week to play draughts with him. 16 page Interactive Storybook App featuring original artwork and story as created by Jim & Christopher Slater in 1977. Read-along audio for children to practice reading alone or with a parent. Narrated by actor Sean Pertwee. A.Mazing Monsters books have sold in excess of 4 million copies since their first publication. The Tricky Troggle is the second to be released in a series of 16 interactive apps, that are coming soon. One morning in 1977, Jim Slater noticed on the wall of his kitchen four unusual illustrations of Monsters drawn by his ten year old son Christopher. All his children liked the pictures and persuaded their father to write a story about one of them. That day Jim Slater wrote The Tricky Troggle. A week later Christopher had produced colour drawings and the first A.Mazing Monster book was born. Jim Slater - Author After a high profile career in the city Jim Slater began writing chrildrens books. From 1976 to date he has been a proffesional investor in shares and property. As well as his childrens books, he has written several best-selling investment books. Jim and his wife, Helen, have four children and ten grandchildren. Christopher Slater – Illustrator (aged 10 at the time of publication) Christopher was just ten years old when he illustrated the first A. Mazing book. After school he attended Art college and went on to become a freelance cartoonist. Christopher moved to Edinburgh to invest in residential property before setting up his own Nursery school business. He has since sold the Nursery Business and now owns and manages a Scottish gift and textiles company. Christopher and his wife, Diane, have four children and four dogs.


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