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The Truth New Testament is made available for Apple Devices, licensed from The Word To Go. For more translations (NIV, ESV, KJV, WOTS), search for Word ...

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The Truth New Testament is made available for Apple Devices, licensed from The Word To Go. For more translations (NIV, ESV, KJV, WOTS), search for Word to Go in App store. The Truth is translated from the original text by leading teacher and preacher Colin Urquhart in obedience to the call of God. The Truth brings out a fuller meaning of the scriptures and charts a middle course between very scholarly literal translations and the more modern paraphrases. If you are a Christian of long standing, the Truth will lead you into fresh insight and revelation of the New Testament. If, however, you are unfamiliar with the scriptures this version will help you to understand what God is saying to you through His Word which is "The Truth." Colin Urquhart laid the foundations of what has become Kingdom Faith in the late 1970's, when he moved from being an Anglican vicar in Luton to a speaker travelling the world. He is now recognized as an apostle, and Kingdom Faith provides vision and direction for a growing number of churches nationally and internationally. Ordained for over 45 years, Colin Urquhart's apostolic ministry is widely recognised and valued throughout the world. He has both experienced and led others in revival and has also written over 30 books. He brings his apostolic vision and anointing to the Kingdom Faith Training College, as well as reaching thousands of people daily through his radio show, Faith for Today, on UCB Inspiration. God has commissioned him to train men and women to carry the presence of Jesus Christ, His Spirit, His power and glory wherever they are led to serve Him. Kingdom Faith is a multi-faceted ministry that originally formed around the apostolic ministry of Colin Urquhart. For over thirty years Kingdom Faith has enjoyed a continual move of the Holy Spirit, including periods of genuine revival that have had a wide impact far beyond the ministry itself. The many books written by Colin Urquhart express the emphases and life-style of Kingdom Faith, faith in God's Word and obedience to the leading of the Holy Spirit. The main focus is on the Kingdom of God, where Jesus placed the emphasis during His ministry. The revivals experienced have been based on key elements of the Kingdom that God wants to see reproduced in the whole of His church: love, faith and holiness. This is the life-style that results from the corporate anointing now upon Kingdom Faith and that is expressed in the various aspects of its ministry.


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