TheDLA I wrote a brief description about DLA pattern and TheDLA app in following URL. Please read it! “The ...

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TheDLA I wrote a brief description about DLA pattern and TheDLA app in following URL. Please read it! “The DLA” stands for ‘The Diffusion Limited Aggregation’, and it is one of the simplest models that makes complex dendritic pattern. Now, we are talking about Science. You see, there are two types of particles on the field. One is the free particle that moves randomly. Another is the fixed particle that does not move. The free particle attaches to cluster of the fixed particles when it reaches around them. Such a simple pattern forming mechanism builds the attractive complex patterns and this very scientific system is applied for you to have funny hairy nose. But first of all, please check the usage. So, you will be able to enjoy not just hairy nose, but the various patterns YOU are going to create. It is quite amazing that such randomness sometimes create forms and patterns you can find only in nature. Please enjoy the patterns and think why such dendritic patterns appear. If you would like to search the web, keywords may be “DLA” and “Dendrite”. To start with, there is a single fixed particle at the center of the field when you start. Usage: - Double tap: Put the fixed particles at the point. The size is possible to change in the setting. - Single tap: Remove the fixed particle at the point. - 2 fingers double tap: Remove all fixed particles from the field + etc. - 2 fingers pan: Pan the field. - Long pressed pan: Draw fixed particles like a pen. - Long pressed pan after a tap: Eraser. - You can chose color to paint the branches. - A “g” button toggles the acceleration sensor of the device (only for the device that has the acceleration sensor). The free particles drift to the direction of the gravity. - Can export the image to the photo library, Twitter and Facebook. - Take funny hairy photos in Hanage mode!! What’s Hanage mode!? Hanage means ‘nose hair’ in Japanese. The mode helps you to take a funny photo which will give you hairy Hanage on your face! Hanage will automatically grow by using DLA algorithm. When you complete the picture, why not share it on Twitter? In addition, the face detection technology in iOS 5 is used to put the fixed particles on eyes position in the photo. Nose detection is an experimental implementation and will be improved soon. When you are in the Anim mode, exporting the image to the photo library makes 8 photos. It is possible to make an animated GIF file from them by using other great apps (Gifture, GifBoom etc.). I shall optimize more to add new functions to the app later. So, enjoy patterns! Enjoy science!


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