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Think Like A Shrink

Dr. Z is back with three NEW patients to analyze and they all need your help! If you have ever wondered what makes people “tick,” then 'Think Like ...

Discontinued App


Dr. Z is back with three NEW patients to analyze and they all need your help! If you have ever wondered what makes people “tick,” then 'Think Like a Shrink' is the game for you. It’s the only game where you get to play doctor and analyze patients. Travel back through time with Dr. Z, the games' resident therapist, to treat colorful characters from the Trojan War. Gain insight into your own relationships as you interact with patients and explore issues that are as relevant today as they were 2,000 years ago. Learn to “Think Like a Shrink” and discover why people disguise their real feelings from themselves, preventing them from leading more full and satisfying lives. ____________________________________ ***FEATURES*** ... NEW! 4 patients to analyze: Achilles, Helen, Agamemnon & Thetis! ... NEW! An expanded Reference Guide with additional chapters of bonus content! ... NEW! 5 New Defenses ... NEW! Game Center Leader boards - compare your scores with your friends! ... NEW! Game Center Achievements ... NEW! Identify defenses in popular song lyrics and movie quotes ... Game designed by psychiatrists for authentic therapy experience ... Easy to pick up and play - gives you hints when you get stuck! ____________________________________ ***PATIENTS*** ACHILLES: A troubled warrior, unhappy at work and angry at his boss. This momma’s boy sulks in his tent. Can you help this heel? HELEN: A fickle princess, her love life is in the tank. Hubby couldn’t take a joke so he started the Trojan War. Let’s hear her side. AGAMEMNON: He’s the boss and he won’t let you forget it. If only he could learn to say “No.” Can you deal with this long suffering martyr? THETIS: This overbearing mother hates her life and takes it out on anyone within earshot. What did they say about scorned women? You ain’t seen nothing yet. Therapist? Try magician. Note: Patients must be played in this order. ____________________________________ ***REFERENCE GUIDE*** Bonus content includes: - Definitions and examples of Defenses - Reference Guide Chapters Include: - How to live without defenses - 7 defenses that can endanger relationships - Traps defenses can create like self sabotage, fear of your own anger, trapped in the victim role and more! - How to tell “authentic” anger from “defensive” anger Play 'Think Like a Shrink' and discover what people are really thinking. It’s as close to mind reading as most people will ever get! For more information about this game and other features, visit www.mind-gamz.com or “like us” on Facebook: www.facebook.com/TheDoc Z ____________________________________ ***SUPPORT*** Please email us if you have any problems. In the email please include your device, your OS and whether or not you are a new customer or upgrading from the old version. We answer all emails and will work to fix any issues with our game. Note: If you are having issues with an upgrade and you have not updated your OS, you may have to delete the old version from your phone and install the new one from scratch.


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