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ThinkDigits is a calculator like you`ve never seen before, a powerful calculator, notepad and mind-mapper all wrapped into one slick productivity ...

Discontinued App


ThinkDigits is a calculator like you’ve never seen before, a powerful calculator, notepad and mind-mapper all wrapped into one slick productivity tool. ThinkDigits allows you to quickly capture, accurately calculate and visually communicate numbers and notes to the people that matter. Capture - quickly collect notes & numbers - visually organise them on the page - add meaning with labels, icons, colours and shapes Calculate - apply over 40+ mathematical, statistical and financial functions - create formulas with drag & drop connections - explore what-if scenarios with the tip of your finger Communicate - present with background themes - share your work as PDFs or images - see note (1) below - send editable Pages to other ThinkDigits users Now Version 2.0 includes over 20 new features such as number format controls, new background options, backup facilities and email page sharing. For further information and a demonstration video visit our product web site. Note: (1) PDF facility only available in iPhone OS3.0 and above. ThinkDigits 2.0 delivers over 20 new features including: - Exchange pages with other ThinkDigits users or publish pages as PDFs or images - Added over 40+ mathematical, financial & statistical functions: sqrt, cosh, power, asin, acos, tanh, atan2, abs, deg, mod, rad, sin, atan, cos, sinh, log, tan, divide, subtract, multiply, ln, exp, fact, median, stdev, mode, max, min, average, sum, irr, npv, pmt, rate, pv, fv, nper, tax, inctax, extax, grossmargin, markup, spmarkup, spmargin. - Advanced Function Connector feature - allows Tags and Function Bubbles to be linked and allows values and calculations to be passed between functions and formulas. - - Allows you to drag and drop to create complex calculations in the form of mind map / concept maps - New Page Copy feature - copy a ThinkDigits page. Allow you to build your own 'template' pages and edit the template as you need. - Drag Drop Tag replacement - Drag the calculator display and drop on to Tags to replace their value. Tags will maintain its icon, colour and formatting. - Over 70 icons in a new icon collection with key keyword search. - New number formats - choose from decimal, scientific, percentage and currency and custom number formats. - Customisable decimal places, negatives format, thousands separator and currency symbols. - Number formats are now fully regionalised. - Enabled drag and drop calculations for all calculator functions + ,- , /, * , 1/x, sqrt and %. - New Touch Function calculation bubbles now provide calculations for +, -, /, * in addition to max, min, ave and tax. - New Tag display features - choose form oval, octagon, square and cloud symbols. - New Function Selector - including recently used functions and fast search facility. - New In-built function help documentation including sample pages to get you started fast. - New Re-calculation animations - allows you visualise updated calculations between connected function bubbles. - Improved quick label selector - support large quick label lists and a fast search facility - New Note Connectors - add sticky notes and connect them to Tags, Bubbles and other Sticky notes. Allows true free form note taking and concept mapping. - New Sticky Note formats - including colour selection and note appearance (sticky note, octagon, square and cloud) - Custom Backgrounds - add backgrounds from you Photo Library - New Background Selector. - New Keyboard, Drag/Drop and Delete sound effects - New Page Backup Facility - backup all your pages via email.


Technical specifications

Version: 2.3

Size: 6.28 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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