THE THINKING PARTNER IN YOUR POCKET (TM). THE POWER OF QUESTIONS: ThinkPal is packed with provocative, powerful questions to help individuals and groups ...

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THE THINKING PARTNER IN YOUR POCKET (TM). THE POWER OF QUESTIONS: ThinkPal is packed with provocative, powerful questions to help individuals and groups think creatively, get unstuck, and spark insights - no matter where they are! Developed by a professional coach, ThinkPal is founded on the coaching philosophy that you already know the answer; you just need the right question. NOTES TO SELF: But what good is a breakthrough if you can’t capture and share it? That’s why ThinkPal includes ‘Notes-to-Self’ that let you to write or record your most insightful moments and make commitments to yourself. PEOPLE LOVE THINKPAL: “Fantastic Idea - the questions are powerful and great for coaches and individuals!” "I can totally see Oprah endorsing it. It’s applicable to anything I’m dealing with.” “Great! Really clean and smart. Look forward to recommending it to clients.” “No brainer – everyone should own this app. For less than a cup of coffee you get endless insights that last longer than any caffeine boost!” ANYTIME QUESTIONS: Powerful in its simplicity, ThinkPal comes pre-loaded with creative questions designed to help you spark ‘Aha!’ moments on the go. Pick one question for deeper reflection or swipe through multiple questions to explore your situation from new angles. JUST ARRIVED! BRAND NEW QUESTIONS to help you navigate common challenges: 1.Be Your Brand 2.How You Lead 3.Niche Networking 4.Romantic Relationships 5.Saying No 6.Team Alignment 7.Time Management 8.You & Your Body HOW TO USE: When you’re at a roadblock or a fork in the road. When you’re stuck, or simply looking to generate new ideas. Pick up ThinkPal to navigate your unique route to success. FOR MAXIMUM IMPACT Focus on a specific topic before asking yourself ThinkPal questions. WHAT’S A TOPIC? The ‘thing’ you want help thinking through. Your goal, challenge, aspiration, problem, dream, plan or dilemma at any given moment. All the available questions encourage you to: 1.Take action where it matters. 2.Spark your creative ideas 3.Tap your intuition 4.See new perspectives 5.Notice how you sabotage yourself 6.Keep yourself on track 7.Remember to reflect and focus on the now. 8.Alert you to resources you’ve forgotten. 9.Look at things in new and different ways. 10.Find the humor in your situation. GET IN TOUCH EMAIL: - TWITTER: @mythinkpal- FACEBOOK: iPod Touch Users: Please note that you need a mic & headphones for recording. Luckily, you can always type your ‘Aha!’ Moments instead. DISCLAIMER: ThinkPal takes no responsibility for decisions or actions made in response to its questions – no matter how great!


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Developed by The Knowledge Labs, Inc.

Day of release: 2010-11-24

Recommended age: 4+

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