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Discover the best strategy for funding your children`s college expenses. ThinkSchoolâ„¢ gives you peace of mind by helping you find the most effective ...

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Discover the best strategy for funding your children’s college expenses. ThinkSchool™ gives you peace of mind by helping you find the most effective way to balance savings plans against school costs. Simply enter a few details and ThinkSchool™ does the work for you, showing you how your plan will hold up against the total yearly cost of college (including tuition, room & board, inflation, and so on). You will see instant results for your custom strategy, and you can refine your plan to achieve the best path to success. ThinkSchool™ Features - Lets you plan for multiple students - Lets you plan for multiple schools, from junior college to grad school - Makes it easy because the total annual cost and inflation adjustment for each school is built right in - Lets you create a strategy with multiple savings accounts - Gives you the freedom of working with a different schedule of deposits (and expected return rate) for each savings account - Lets you see what percent of costs would be covered by your current savings strategy, and shows you how the costs will be covered in each year of attendance - Lets you experiment with scenarios such as using an aggressive spending strategy (covering 100% of costs until savings run out) or a balanced approach (covering an equal percentage of costs each year) - Displays the results of your strategy in multiple ways to help you understand potential outcomes and discover the best possible path to meet your goals Copyright ©2012 ThinkMobile


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