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ThinkEE is an APP, for children aged 7 to 12 years old, that consists of a collections of past years Math Exam papers from elite schools in Singapore. ...

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ThinkEE is an APP, for children aged 7 to 12 years old, that consists of a collections of past years Math Exam papers from elite schools in Singapore. It is user friendly, fun to use, mobile and is a convenient way to prepare your child for any major exams as it covers a comprehensive list of topics such as geometry, algebra, factions, pie charts, measurements, and more; in accordance to his/ her age group. In the APP, each school level consist of an average of 92 (or more) exam papers which covers an extensive and comprehensive list of questionnaires, allowing your child's to push beyond their imagination and boundary so as to help them manage difficult questions in most Math exams. Our APP has the ability to grade your child's exam scores and this free up parents' time to having the need to mark the papers. There is a sketch pad integrated into the APP so that the child would be able to do his/ her workings on a sketch pad area to promote paperless environment (i.e. environmentally friendly). Besides taking regular exam papers, the APP has the ability to generate Random Multiple Choice Question, Short Answer Question or Problem Sums Questions and providing an answer immediately after the child has attempted on the question. This functionality allows the child to practise what they are weak on as it covers an extensive range of questionnaires. With more practise, this would help the child "strengthen" his/ her weakness and better manage difficult questions in actual mathematics examination. Our APP does not limit usage to only one child as the exams and grades can be reset in an instance for repetitive test or its siblings can work on the same set of papers thus eliminating the need to purchase the APP over and over. To summarise, Thinkee's 10 years series Math APP: * Consist of over 92 (or more) exam papers which covers an extensive list of questionnaires. * Self grading system that allow Parents to gauge the "readiness" of the child for upcoming mathematics exams. * Random generated Multiple Choice, Short Answer and Problem Sums functionality that allows the child to practise on his/ her weak subjects. * License is not limiting to one child usage only as the APP can be reset and all scores "erased" to allow the siblings to reuse. * Built-in sketch pad for the child to do his/ her Math workings without the need for paper and pen. We believe that every child has a potential that needs to be nurtured and our APP could engage them to learn be self-independent in bringing their mathematics knowledge to higher heights and they can practise on mathematics wherever and whenever they want and making exams interesting and never boring!


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