Discontinued App


This is the Lite version of the world famous ThinkerDeck app -- the handy, rapid-fire, note-taking app. Now available for the iPhone and the iPad, this ...

Discontinued App


This is the Lite version of the world famous ThinkerDeck app -- the handy, rapid-fire, note-taking app. Now available for the iPhone and the iPad, this version gives you up to three decks with three cards in each. One single download gives you note-taking power on either (or both) platforms. Download ThinkerDeck Lite for free and create up to 3 decks with 3 cards each. If you like it, you can update to the Full Version right inside the app! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :::What Users Say::: "ThinkerDeck really helps me to organize my thoughts - and to use information in multiple projects. Better than actual index cards!" - Marisa Mofford, Graduate Student "It's really simple to use and helps me remember ideas for my stories." - Lilah K, 5th grader "I'm getting this right away. I could have used it in this morning's meeting!" - Diane Namm, Writer/Director “ThinkerDeck helps me organize multi-faceted projects in a quick, easy to use way.” – Timo Elliott, Writer/Director "It would be a tremendous help to me as a teacher and to my daughter as a student." - Gennine Z "It's a great app and I look forward to using it for a variety of projects!" - Daphne Humphrey Comaskey :::How it's used::: Put one note or idea per card. Create a new Deck by dragging one Card on top of another until it wiggles. Then, drag all related Cards into the new Deck. Later, spread the Cards from a Deck out into a grid view. Here they can be dragged into new positions to order and visualize your notes. Flag important Cards and Decks with any of 9 colors. :::ThinkerDeck Use Cases::: Current programs such as Sticky Notes allow a way for people to jot down ideas but do not provide an organizational base for seamless future use. --Students can quickly take notes in class and use color-coding to swiftly highlight notes of particular importance. Notes can later be organized and put into Decks for easy study. --Writers, filmmakers and other artists can record their impressions using ThinkerDeck to quickly and continuously capture random thoughts and challenging ideas -- later reading over them, pulling relevant concepts into their own separate decks. --Educators can use ThinkerDeck to brainstorm curriculum planning, using a combination of color coding and Decks to hone a curriculum into it's final form. --Business people can use ThinkerDeck as a way to take notes in meetings. It also makes an excellent prompter for presentation outlines. For people who want to streamline the way they gather information as they travel through their day and through their minds, ThinkerDeck is now available.


Technical specifications

Version: 2.6

Size: 29.12 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Human80, LLC

Day of release: 2013-04-15

Recommended age: 4+

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