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Thinking Thingamabob

The Thinking Thingamabobâ„¢ is a creative thinking tool to help you create wonderful new ideas! If you are an author suffering from writer`s block, ...

Discontinued App


The Thinking Thingamabob™ is a creative thinking tool to help you create wonderful new ideas! If you are an author suffering from writer’s block, an artist in need of inspiration, looking for a new invention or business idea or a parent encouraging your children to learn to think more creatively then the Thinking Thingamabob™ is for you. Developed by Innovation and IT experts in Sydney, Australia, the Thinking Thingamabob™ creative thinking tool helps people to create wonderful new stories, brilliant inventions and to create novel ideas. Using the tool helps people learn to be more creative. The Thinking Thingamabob™ has been created to help you tap into your inherent creative abilities. It forces your brain to think differently. To think outside the square. To think laterally. It’s the creative thinking equivalent of taking a relaxing warm shower and letting your mind wander. “It is the function of creative people to perceive the relations between thoughts, or things or forms of expression that may seem utterly different, and to combine them into some new forms - the power to connect the seemingly unconnected.” - William Plomer Imagine where your new ideas could take you! It’s incredibly easy to use Load a Thinking Thingamabob™ Module: - Shake - shake the iPad to display a random series of images, words or phrases (called “Ideasparks”). Billions of Ideaspark combinations in each Module. - Create - examine the Ideasparks, let your mind wander, and try to find and create links between the Ideasparks. Creative new ideas will flow. It’s as easy as that! Save and share your ideas - You can save particular sets of Ideasparks, within a Module, for later use. - You can record, save and share your ideas and stories as you create them. Modules to suit your creative thinking needs - The Thinking Thingamabob™ comes with a free initial lite module with two other full modules available to purchase in-App: - Fabulas-Lite - a tool for creative storytelling and novel story generation - reduced number of Ideasparks. - Fabulas - a tool for creative storytelling and novel story generation - full set of Ideasparks (purchase in-App) - Ideator - a general creative thinking tool (purchase in-App) - New Modules coming soon. - Please tell us your creative thinking needs - we’d love to create a Module specifically for you - www.thinkingthingamabob.com You’ll be amazed at how children simply love the opportunity to create stories with others. Our free Thinking Thingamabob™ Fabulas lite module will get them started.


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