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ThinxPRM helps candidates prepare for the Professional Risk Managers (PRM) exam. Currently the content covers Part 1 of the syllabus which consists of ...

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ThinxPRM helps candidates prepare for the Professional Risk Managers (PRM) exam. Currently the content covers Part 1 of the syllabus which consists of Finance Theory, Financial Instruments and financial markets. The material consists of structured, logical and concise content that aims to help candidates make the most of their time when preparing for the Professional Risk Managers (PRM) exam. The content is divided into 24 modules which follows the PRM syllabus closely, with each module available for separate download at the very reasonable price of $1.99. PLease note that there are 4 modules which are available at no cost. Each module also has a multiple choice quiz that will help students benchmark and measure their progress in the concepts they are required to learn in order to pass the exam. Overall there are more than 400 questions in total across the 24 modules. You will learn from topics ranging from portfolio construction , portfolio mathematics to various topics on derivatives like futures , forwards, options and swaps. There are also topics covering the bonds markets and bonds in general and a range of other markets from FX to energy. ThinxPRM is modular so you only need to buy what you need from the available modules. We have 4 modules available for free download, so try them before buying our paid modules. There are also plenty of interactive tools and calculators to help you learn. Standard Module Features Include: - The Thinx Pricer: A complete embedded derivatives risk and pricing engine designed to support the text. It allows users to experiment with the financial and mathematical concepts they are learning using worked examples. - The Quiz: Test what you have learnt with our interactive multiple choice quizzes in each module. - The Widgets: With our visual widgets, you can play with most financial functions in the book. Download ThinxPRM to help yourself prepare for the PRM exam Part 1. Learn about theories of risk , portfolio selection and construction to all about derivatives. The modules cover everything from futures, forwards and options to bonds, swaps and an introduction to credit. All the complicated concepts are made simpler by using graphs and interactive widgets wherever possible. We also offer excel spreadsheets for free download from our website for users of our paid modules.


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