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Thought Store - a repository for information that enables advanced searching based on where you were, who you were with and when you entered each item. We ...

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Thought Store - a repository for information that enables advanced searching based on where you were, who you were with and when you entered each item. We are all constantly bombarded with information: suggestions from friends for films, books or web sites we might enjoy, ideas of gifts for friends and family sparked while shopping, or potential business connections mentioned during a chance meeting. But how often do you move onto something else and struggle to remember those little snippets later on? Perhaps you remember where you were when it happened, that it was around midday or that you were with a particular person? But even if you've recorded the item in your phone or computer, that doesn't help if you can't find the correct words or phrases to use for searching. Thought Store was created to solve this everyday problem. Some Customer Reviews of version 1.0 of Thought Store: **** Great app, helps me remember everything! "Great app for noting things down and grouping useful bits of info. Extremely useful on the go. I have created to do lists and been gathering information for activities for a holiday, adding website links as I find them. The app is intuitive and easy to use." ***** Handy app for organising research ideas "Very easy to use - I like the location feature for searching where I entered comments and ideas. I'm using it for recording ideas and research for a book - really like that I can store images of locations I want to use, as well as phrases and dialogue I want to keep. Lovely for organising ideas while I'm out and about." **** Effective tool "This is a surprisingly effective little app for organising ideas on the go. I like the web organiser as it not only records the web address but takes you directly to the page. The location tagging works well and is a great idea. I think I will use it more than I expected. Well worth downloading." "Thoughts” stored in Thought Store can be any of: - text - sketches (traced with your finger or a stylus on the screen) - web pages (URLs) - photos (either from your device's camera or your Photo Library) When each new thought is entered, it is automatically tagged with the current location, date and time, enabling powerful searching to be performed, based on: - where you remember entering the thought - what time of day it was - when it was - the text you entered within the thought For example, a pin for every thought can be shown on a map, and by changing the area shown you can restrict your search to just those thoughts entered in a certain locality. Alternatively you can search for all thoughts made within a few minutes of a particular time of day, or within a specified period of a certain date. You can also associate people from your contacts list with each thought, to allow searching for just those thoughts entered when a particular person was present, and standard text-based searching is still available if you do know the right keywords to look for. So when can Thought Store be useful? Perhaps you see something in a shop that would make a great gift - take a picture and add a "photo thought" to Thought Store so that you don't forget. What about when you get an inspirational idea for that novel you've been planning? Add a "text thought" to Thought Store and it will be easy to find when you need it. And if you're organising a large party or even a wedding, Thought Store can be the perfect repository for all the information you need to store, browse and retrieve during the preparations. Thoughts can be created in (and moved to) different lists to facilitate browsing, and any thought can be included in an email, SMS, iMessage or tweet sent directly from Thought Store, allowing you to easily share your thoughts with others (subject to device capabilities). You can also view the location where the thought was entered associate contacts with a thought and of course see the date and time of entry, all on the info screen for each thought.


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Version: 2.0

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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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