Tick Tock Clock (Serbian)

Tick Tock Clock helps children as young as three learn how to tell time using analog or digital clock. * entertains and educates with practice mode, ...

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Tick Tock Clock helps children as young as three learn how to tell time using analog or digital clock. * entertains and educates with practice mode, quiz mode and mini games * offers easy-to-use child-friendly interface with narration in Serbian * embodies knowledge and experience of a linguist, educator and parent of three * represents craftsmanship of a mathematician, practitioner and parent of three Narration in Serbian establishes strong linguistic connection between the symbols and the words in Serbian. The underlying teaching principle for this application is to help children connect the concepts of digital and mechanical clocks. It is more than just a clock! A child is encouraged to play with the hands of the analog clock, observe the results on the digital clock and listen to the narrated time. There is also a quiz to test what has been learned. Each successfully answered task is rewarded with a fun game. The child is drawn into the world of dinosaurs. The task is to save the dinosaurs captured and taken up into the sky in magical balloons. By popping the balloons the child enables the ancient creatures to use their parachutes and land safely. WATCH VIDEO: http://youtu.be/bJINP5mUiGI For comments and suggestions go to: http://www.atreks.com/ - Thank you! Tick Tock Clock (Srpski) je zamišljen kao aplikacija koja istovremeno uči i zabavlja decu dok uče da koriste analogni /digitalni sat. Slike deda Mraza i pokretnih pahulja dočaravaju atmosferu zimskih čarolija. Glas koji izgovara reči na srpskom uspostavlja čvrstu vezu između simbola i reči na srpskom. Pedagoški pristup koji prožima aplikaciju fokusira se na stvaranje pomagala deci uz pomoć kojega bi dete moglo da shvati pojmove digitalnog i mehaničkog sata. Tick Tock Clock je više od sata! Aplikacija podstiče dete da se zabavlja kazaljkama analognog sata, posmatra posledice na digitalnom satu i sluša izgovoreno vreme. Moguće je testirati znanje odlaskom na TEST nivo aplikacije. Svaki uspešno obavljeni zadatak je nagrađen zabavnom interaktivnom igrom. Dete ulazi u svet dinosaurusa. Zadatak je spasiti zarobljene dinosauruse nošene čarobnim balonima u vrtoglave visine. Pucajući balone dete pomaže ovim drevnim stvorenjima da otvore svoj padobran i slete bezbedno. POGLEDAJTE KRATKI FILM ENGLESKE VERZIJE OVE APLIKACIJE: http://youtu.be/bJINP5mUiGI Posetite nasu Web stranicu ukoliko zelite da nas kontaktirate: http://www.atreks.com/ HVALA! In compliance with Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule (COPPA), @Reks (aka AtReks) Apps do NOT collect / share any users’ personal information, furthermore, @Reks apps do NOT contain Social Network Integration or other Social features such as links to Facebook, Twitter and others. Visit our website to check our privacy policy: http://www.atreks.com - Thank you!


Technical specifications

Version: 2.0

Size: 6.2 MB


Price: 0,91 €

Developed by @Reks

Day of release: 2010-12-13

Recommended age: 4+

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