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You can knot a tie easily even if you’ve never done it before! This is a voice directed manual showing you how to tie a tie. It's hand-free, so you can ...

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You can knot a tie easily even if you’ve never done it before! This is a voice directed manual showing you how to tie a tie. It's hand-free, so you can check the way to knot while you are practicing. *** 28 ways to knot a tie *** This app provides instructions for 28 ways to knot a tie; from the minor "Atlantic" or "Manhattan" to the "Bow Tie" with detailed illustrations and photos. The descriptions of various knots will be of practical use whenever you need to wear a tie. *** Voice-activated feature *** Voice activation is the first in the industry among similar necktie knot apps. It is simple to use. Just click the microphone icon on the screen and talk. You can turn pages by saying 'Next' and return to the previous page when you say 'Previous'. NOTICE! When you use the voice-activated feature, please speak clearly and loudly from in front of and not too far away from the device. ***Other features *** - Mirror display feature- While looking at a mirror, you can display mirror image illustrations so you won’t get lost! - Regarding to SD card installation - Application can be saved to an SD card so you can minimize your device’s internal memory! -Available for tablet devices- - Apps for downloading - This application runs even if you are not on a network but you will need to connect to the Internet to activate the voice feature. *** This application is thoroughly recommended for: - People who have little or no experience with tying a tie. - The person who wants to have the knowledge of tying a tie for the special events. - People who want to try new knots and expand their repertoire of neckwear fashion...there are lots of different ways to tie your tie! - The person who wants to create the fashion trend. *** The knots covered in this application *** 1. Four-in-hand 2. Half Windsor 3. Windsor 4. Pratt 5. Double 6. Double Cross 7. Cross 8. Diagonal 9. Kelvin 10. Loose 11. Manhattan 12. Onassis 13. Plattsburg 14. Small 15. Blind Fold 16. Cavendish 17. Atlantic 18. Grantchester 19. St. Andrew 20. Oriental 21. Persian 22. Plane-on-Roody 23. Balthus 24. Baloon 25. Dress-down Plane 26. Non 27. Bow Tie 28. One Ring


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0

Size: 37.31 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by QibiTech, Inc.

Day of release: 2013-06-12

Recommended age: 4+

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