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"Tiga Talk Speech Therapy Games", developed with licensed speech and language pathologists, is a fun way for children to develop speech sounds through ...

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"Tiga Talk Speech Therapy Games", developed with licensed speech and language pathologists, is a fun way for children to develop speech sounds through playful voice-controlled games that can improve speech clarity, articulation, and instill confidence. The app is for parents and speech therapists working with toddlers and children with language delays, as well as any parent looking to give their child a head start in early language development. Children learn fundamental phonetic sounds, that are the building blocks of language, as they play 23 fun voice controlled games on an imaginative adventure with Tiga and friends. Gameplay rewards are based entirely on participation, not accuracy, so the child is constantly getting positive feedback as long as they are trying to make sounds! Benefits ------------------ A great way for all kids to get a head start on language development Kids learn to pronounce sounds more accurately including syllables, letters, and letter combinations Help your child improve coordination and strength of speech muscles Children learn through sound repetition and imitation Children differentiate between sounds they hear and create a broader base vocabulary Improve communication between the child's brain and the body through visual and auditory aids Improve childhood communication with peers and adults Instill a sense of pride and confidence in your child Features ------------------ Voice controlled games encourage kids to speak clearly Game play based on actual speech therapy sessions Beautifully vibrant graphics and a variety fun learning games designed to engage young children Entertaining cartoon characters deliver lots of positive feedback An exciting interactive story adventure Licensed speech therapists selected the apps 23 core phonetic sounds Audio and video hints help demonstrate the correct way to make language sounds A sound meter measures voice volume levels Track progress and earn gold stars the more you play Children are able to practice specific sounds and games So easy to play young children can even use it by themselves Games include ------------------ Driving a boat, helicopter, hot air balloon, race car, train, submarine, and even flying a rocketship to visit the moon! Popping balloons to reveal clues to guide them on their adventure. Knocking over obstacles that lay in their path including towers of tires, ice blocks, hay bales, crates, logs, moon rocks and more.... Training sessions ------------------ Before each game children are introduced to a new phonetic sound by game characters. They are shown a cartoon image representing the sound and are encouraged to try saying the sound aloud. The app listens to make sure they’re verbally participating and congratulates them if they are and showers them with friendly encouragement if they aren’t. Technical Support ------------------ We value your feedback, so please email us at support@tigatalk.com for suggestions on improving "Tiga Talk Speech Therapy Games". Please email us first, and give us a chance to address your issue before posting a negative review. ***In the unlikely event you experience the app crashing just update your devices software through iTunes and the problem should be solved.*** ***Attention iPad Users*** The app is fully functional in 1x mode, however, there is a known issue when accessing the menu when the app is running in 2x mode. This issue is fixed in version 1.1, so updating your app will resolve any issues.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.3

Size: 62.67 MB


Price: 4,71 €

Developed by Tiga Talk 3 Inc & Tactica Interactive

Day of release: 2010-12-29

Recommended age: 4+

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