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Tigo Energy for iPad

Congratulations! You`ve installed a PV solar electric array equipped with the Tigo Energy® Maximizer™ system. You`ve joined thousands ...

Discontinued App


Congratulations! You’ve installed a PV solar electric array equipped with the Tigo Energy® Maximizer™ system. You’ve joined thousands of owners that are confidently getting the most from their PV installation thanks to Tigo Energy’s power maximization and advanced system management tools. Now, the final step is to download this free iPad application so you can have the ability to view and manage your system on-the-go. By combining each PV module with the Tigo Energy Module Maximizer, your installer has created an array of SmartModules™ that produce the most energy possible and constantly communicate their operating performance. This unprecedented capability will allow you to see each of the PV modules and instantly spot problems before they result in power losses. The Tigo Energy iPad app will quickly display historical power production so you can calculate your energy savings and show friends all the financial benefits of your solar installation. Smarter than a micro inverter, the Tigo Energy system compliments the most reliable central inverters, and PV modules up to 350Watts. System List Log-on to view and manage one system or the entire fleet of your solar projects. The system list will allow you to choose to view any site you have installed and registered with your user id. Summary View Similar to our web-based application, you will be able to view the current and historic performance of each module in the system. Select specific modules to learn even more about their operating conditions. Energy View Take a closer look at the historic energy production of a single module or the entire system for today; or the past week, month or year. Demo Download the app even before you’ve purchased a Tigo Energy enabled solar electric system. You can preview the experience, by selecting the demo and viewing live data from a typical residential system. Not in front of a PC with an Internet connection? No problem. Take the same powerful management tool for your PV system anywhere you go with your iPad. Tigo Energy - the leader in solar SmartModule technology.


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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