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Tilexia is an elegant and addictive sliding puzzle game. The objective is to finish each puzzle level by completing a picture that may have flipped, rotated, ...

Discontinued App


Tilexia is an elegant and addictive sliding puzzle game. The objective is to finish each puzzle level by completing a picture that may have flipped, rotated, or faded tiles, strategizing the movement and scoring of tiles to create bonuses that can rocket your score into the top ten. With 3 distinct types of puzzles, 4 levels of difficulty, and 40 stunningly beautiful levels, Tilexia provides a combined 480 levels of gameplay for hours of challenging fun. Tilexia is ideal for casual gamers of all ages! Tilexia is a universal app, pay once and play it on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Games like Tilexia can help with pattern recognition skills to keep your mind sharp while at the same time provide engaging casual fun. A Kid difficulty level is included that can be played using all 3 different puzzle types and all 40 levels to provide hours of entertainment for children. Tilexia is perfect for kids! Tilexia offers the best user experience by providing unique features not offered by other competing apps currently present on the App Store. FEATURES: Puzzle game levels â–  A total of 480 puzzle level combinations for you to enjoy â–  4 levels of difficulty (Kid, Easy, Normal, and Hard) â–  3 types of puzzles (swapping tile, sliding tile, and revolving tile) â–  40 incredible high quality photos themed into 8 level chapters â–  "Quick Play" buttons on all puzzle selection screens so that you don't have to dig down to pick up on a level after changing the difficulty or puzzle type, one tap and your back in the game â–  Tracks record stats for each level completed â–  Beautiful translucent and color coded hints â–  Relaxed play option for game levels if you don't want to score each level as you complete them Scoring â–  Top 10 scores lists for each level of difficulty â–  Balanced scoring and bonus scores for tile placement provide an element of strategy unique to this type of puzzle game Favorites playlist â–  Add up to 50 different game or custom made puzzles for continuous looping gameplay â–  Turn on the shuffled option for continuous random play of all your favorite puzzles â–  You can edit your favorites playlist to reorder or remove puzzles from your list â–  Turn on the relaxed play option if you don't want to score the puzzles on your list â–  A "Quick Play" button to quickly start up a random favorite puzzle from your favorites playlist Challenge puzzles â–  Directly challenge top scoring puzzles to bump them from the top scores list â–  Achieve challenge bonus scores for winning a challenge in less time, with fewer moves, hints or peeks â–  A "Quick Play" button to quickly challenge the top score for the currently selected difficulty Custom made puzzles â–  Create a multitude of custom puzzle combinations with your own photos and custom options, and when you've created your puzzle save it to your favorites list so that you can play it whenever â–  Turn on the relaxed option to play your new creation with scoring turned off â–  "Quick Play" buttons to quickly play a randomly generated puzzle using any of the gorgeous built-in pictures Other great Tilexia features â–  All puzzles are solvable â–  All puzzles are automatically saved when you receive a phone call or when you quit the application so you can always pick up where you left off â–  Very straight forward and tappable interface, if it has rounded corners, tap it and see what happens! :) â–  Play your puzzles in landscape mode, turn it to the right for right-handed play or to the left for left-handed play â–  Clean, crisp graphics optimized for the Retina display and smooth animations make completing each puzzle a delight â–  The optional sound effects are meaningful and pleasant Visit us! http://tilexia.merismus.com


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0

Size: 15.07 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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