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“Time Journals. Time is the commodity, you better find out where your time is going. So, monitor yourself, and update it throughout the day.” ~ Randy ...

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“Time Journals. Time is the commodity, you better find out where your time is going. So, monitor yourself, and update it throughout the day.” ~ Randy Pausch “Time is money.” ~ Benjamin Franklin Effective time management is not only about planning where you will be, or keeping track of things to-do in lists; it includes reflecting on where and what you’ve spent time doing. Maintaining a traditional time journal is something of a paradox because it takes a non-trivial amount of unaccounted for time to complete and manage. Time Journal, the app, strives to be the fastest, easiest, and most accurate time tracking app available. No account logins. No monthly fees. No features to purchase later or unlock. No automated starting or stopping to correct. No "rate me" messages interrupting your flow. Just the minimal user interface to collect data, which can easily be folded into, and fit within, your daily routine while offering the maximum feedback through in-app analysis tools and the ability to export directly to the calendar app or in spreadsheet format. Track - Add new clocks quickly to build your list as you perform tasks - Set goals for clocks: swipe left (edit) and tap "more" - Single-tap start and stop clocks, to easily capture your times - Add notes to entries to give yourself more details on what was happening - Get feedback from the interface as you move through your day: - Running clocks appear above the new clock row; - Paused appear below the new clock row; and - Those with children are differentiated from those without (including the number of running child clocks) - Quickly add/edit entries from the clock list via the add/edit entry button (left in clock row): - Tap while a clock is running to edit the current running entry, - Tap while a clock is paused to edit the entry with the most recent stop time, - Tap and hold to add a new entry Analyze - Percent usage data is presented by a space-saving bar chart as opposed to pie charts - Clock averages, standard deviations, and goals - per entry or per day - Choose the date range in which to limit data (recommend at least a weekly review) Report - Export directly to the Calendar app - Export to spreadsheets using the csv format, which can be viewed within Time Journal, opened/stored in apps capable of displaying that file format (such as Numbers, Dropbox, Evernote, etc.), or e-mail them to yourself * Randy Pausch Time Management Lecture - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oTugjssqOT0


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