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Time Keeper v1.2

New low price until the end of August! If your are a consultant, self employed, project manager, lawyer and you need to track your time by client or ...

Discontinued App


New low price until the end of August! If your are a consultant, self employed, project manager, lawyer and you need to track your time by client or project then this application will help you do this. It simplifies this daily task of time tracking by presenting you a list of clients or projects that you want to track time against. The Start and Stop buttons control the timers and the detail disclosure takes you to a view of times, notes and charge calculations. Additionally you can specify a tax rate and the per hour charge for the client. * Simple list view of clients or projects. * Quick access Start and Stop buttons. * Detail view of timings by day or week. * Apply different charges to each client. * Application defaults are set via the Apple system menu. * Notes can now be added to individual timings. * Delete individual times. * Delete all times. * Email timings and charge calculation to any email address. * Timings are emailed in CSV format that you can easily cut and paste and loaded in to your favourite spreadsheet program. * Record timings and calculate the total charge for a day or week period * Display a “Grand total” with or without the local tax rate. * All charges are now display in local currency. Cool Features: * Manual editing of time records. * Time rounding can be set to 5, 10, 15 or 30 minute intervals for manual time entries. * Tax % now displayed on the client detail screen. * New month view for time entries. * Readability: * Client name on the main screen has been enlarged to make it easier to read. * The height of the main screen client cells has been reduced to allow more client names to be displayed. * Back ground colour of the date range field has been changed to make it easier to read. * Icon added to the client detail screen to show the timer that is currently running. * The colouring of the main screen and the client detail screen can be switch between either Time Keeper classic colours or Apple standard colours. * Email: * Email subject shortened and custom subject prefixes are now permitted e.g. “ Time Keeper report”. * To and Cc email addresses. * CSV and report format emails. Two new reports in long or short format. * Custom email subjects make it easy to send reports directly to your clients! * Heading row added to the CSV export via email. Update: These upgrade problems outlined in the comments have since been resolved. We have not had any reported data loss issues since Septmber 2008. We take considerable effort to make sure our software is as safe as possible. The data loss issue was very isolated considering how many happy Time Keeper users that we have. Hope you download and enjoy!


Technical specifications

Version: 1.2.2

Size: 237.41 KB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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