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“To be happy you need Goals, Plans,Actions & Results”    â€â€ Luidmyla Bogush â—‰ All New User Interface for iOS 7 â—‰ The BEST App to Manage ...

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“To be happy you need Goals, Plans,Actions & Results”    â€â€ Luidmyla Bogush â—‰ All New User Interface for iOS 7 â—‰ The BEST App to Manage your Goals, Plans & Lists â—‰ Genius Association of Tasks with a Goal â—‰ Automatic Time Calculator â—‰ Experience for yourself PRO’s powerful functions â–¬ Unique & Powerful Multi-Functional TO-DO â–¬ Automatic Time Calculator throughout â–¬ Elegant Button Interface â–¬ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ â–¬ Q: How to reduce Tasks that waste your time? A: Do this simple exercise :      ① Write down your GOALS      ② In a second column, write a list of your TASKS [for one Day]      ③ Draw lines connecting TASKS with their GOALS RESULT: Time-wasting Tasks = Task without a Goal â–¬ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ â–¬ â—‰ Unlike a Get-Things-Done App, your Goals are Primary and their Tasks Secondary â—‰ Unlike a Calendar, you can Finally Associate Tasks to your Goals â—‰ Unlike Both, Tasks & Goals are Automatically Categorized into the Key Areas of your Life or Business â—‰ The RESULTS      ▬ Complete All your Tasks      ▬ Accomplish your Goals Faster      ▬ Have More Free Time for yourself â—¼ â—¼ â—¼ â—¼ â—¼ â–¬ FEATURES â–¬ â—¼ â—¼ â—¼ â—¼ â—¼ â—¼ Time Optimizer Pro has more and Enhanced Functions â—¼ â–¬ Interface â–¬ â—¼ â—‰ Right Panel Replaces PopUps â–¬ A HUGE improvement in easy of use and speed for creation, viewing & editing. Eliminates opening & closing popovers to create & edit Tasks. â—¼ â–¬ The Four Modules â–¬ â—¼ â—‰ LIBRARY â–¬ Easily examine ALL your Goals in one simple view. â—‰ GOALS â–¬ Spacial analysis of your Goals vs. Key Areas vs. Time. â—‰ PLANNER â–¬ Graphical overview and Task List organized by Key Area. â—‰ TASKS â–¬ Focused view of your Tasks for one specific day. â—¼ â–¬ The Three Goal Types â–¬ â—¼ â—‰ Has Begin Date only â—‰ Has Completion Date only â—‰ Both Begin & Complete Dates â—¼ â–¬ The Six Task Types â–¬ â—¼ â—‰ Short Task â—‰ Long Task â—‰ Repeating Task â—‰ Course Task â—‰ Sometime-today Task â—‰ Project Frame [framework for above Task] â—¼ â–¬ LIBRARY Module â–¬ â—¼ â—‰ Create your Library of Goals â—‰ Utilizing the Six Key Areas your Goals are Now auto-Categorized â—‰ Create Tasks that Propagate to Goals, Planner & Tasks Modules â—‰ The Library can be Sorted by Key Area, Goal Name and Date â—‰ Further Sort Any Column by Ascending or Descending Order â—¼ â–¬ GOALS Module â–¬ â—¼ â—‰ Six Key Area Goals Spacial Overview through Time â—‰ Clarification for Long Term Plan Management â—‰ Create Tasks that Propagate to Planner & Tasks Modules â—¼ â–¬ PLANNER Module â–¬ â—¼ â—‰ Tasking Overview and Control â—‰ Six Key Area Tasks List â—‰ Six Basic Task Types â—‰ Graphic Display of All Tasks â—‰ Task List of All Tasks Organized by Key Area â—‰ Easily Identify Completed and Incomplete Tasks â—‰ Quickly Hide/Show Less Important Tasks â—‰ Task Association from Goals List â—¼ â–¬ TASKS Module â–¬ â—¼ â—‰ Day Tasks Lists: Scheduled & Sometime-today â—‰ List of Project Frames â—‰ Total Time Calculators for Schedule & Sometime-today â—‰ Daily Tasks Overview â—‰ Optimize Decision Making â—‰ Daily Task Time Limiter â—‰ Task Flagging: “Task Complete” and “Task Incomplete” â—‰ Easily Associate Tasks to Existing Goals


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