For those who need to keep track of their time. Smartly. TimeAssistant is an innovative, powerful and easy to use time tracking app. It does one thing ...

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For those who need to keep track of their time. Smartly. TimeAssistant is an innovative, powerful and easy to use time tracking app. It does one thing and it does it well: time tracking. Perfect for contractors, freelancers, consultants and other professionals who need to provide time reporting or bill their customers based on time. FEATURE SUMMARY - Smart timers that populate the timesheet automatically. - Time tracking against any combination of customers, projects and activities. - Timesheet with easy adjustment mode. - Powerful reporting with sharing capability. - Location aware reminders. - Daily duration target reminders. - Innovative help system. - Time can be tracked in the background with no impact on battery life. - No subscription required. - No Internet connection required for keeping track of time. TIMERS - The most productive way to keep track of time in TimeAssistant is using timers. - Timers can record time, be stopped and paused, and they manage time entries in the timesheet automatically. - TimeAssistant can also handle multiple timers recording time simultaneously, if required. - Multiple timers can be managed on a single screen, making it easy to switch between tasks. - Timers can be re-ordered to keep the most frequently used ones near the top and the less frequently used near the bottom. CUSTOMERS, PROJECTS AND ACTIVITIES - Track time at any level for clients, projects and activities. - Then extract your timesheet information at any level with TimeAssistant's powerful reporting capabilities. TIMESHEET - Timesheet with day-by-day view of time entries. - The timesheet is managed automatically by TimeAssistant timers. - No need to manually create time entries! - But you can still create time entries manually if you need to. - The timesheet has an innovative adjustment mode where incremental time changes automatically adjust all affected adjacent time entries. - No need to manually change dates and times if you make a mistake! REPORTING - Powerful reporting capabilities with filters, grouping and sharing functionality. - Reports have an innovative "relative date range filtering" where dates and times are calculated automatically by the app. - No need to manually enter dates and times for reporting! - Quick summary reports can be automatically generated based on your current timers with the tap of a button. - Reports with more complex parameters can be saved for later reuse. - Reports can be shared and opened by many spreadsheet apps such as Apple's Numbers and Microsoft's Excel. LOCATION AWARE REMINDERS - TimeAssistant can remind you when you forget to start or stop timers as you enter or leave your work locations. - Never forget to track your time against that very important project again! - Locations are monitored using the iOS region monitoring technology. - Region monitoring impact on battery life is negligible. - Location aware reminders are only available on devices that support region monitoring. DAILY DURATION TARGET REMINDERS - TimeAssistant can remind you when you have met your target work hours for the day or when you are about to exceed your allowed meal break duration! HELP - With TimeAssistant's innovative "Help Mode" you can touch on anything you see on the screen to get contextual help. - No more guessing what's on the screen!


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Version: 1.2

Size: 7.07 MB


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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