TimeStamps makes it easier to have a look at your working hours and overtime. No more guessing when you come to work or when you have gone on a business ...

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TimeStamps makes it easier to have a look at your working hours and overtime. No more guessing when you come to work or when you have gone on a business trip - from now on, your personal time sheet is always with you. +++ Staff Pick July/August 2011 and January/February 2012 in the German App Store +++ ONE-BUTTON OPERATION In the frontend you always set a time stamp with the same big button. It remembers which time stamp you have used recently and suggests the next stamp type. That's why the next time stamp will be working time when you've had a break before. KEEP YOUR WORKING TIMES ALWAYS IN SIGHT The frontend display allows you to display different states: current time, working time, break time, etc. You can change the display type with a single tap. Also, the expected end of work is displayed and updated on the fly. FLEXTIME ACCOUNT TimeStamps offers a flextime account for overtimes. Including starting balance, correction factor for each week and Days of in Lieu to get rid of overtime. And in case you don't need a flextime account, it can be switched off in the settings. AUTOMATIC BREAK Specified in TimeStamps' settings of the default work week, the default break can be automatically deducted as the minimum break at the end of a day. If the break time is exceeded, of course, the larger value is taken. Whether the automatic pause is applied is shown by a symbol within TimeStamps. EXTENSIVE BACKEND In the backend all time stamps are listed in different views. New time stamps can be added, deleted or existing ones can be altered. TAGS Each time stamp can be assigned a tag from a self-created list. Each tag can of course be changed later, hidden, modified in order or deleted. Coming soon is also a new type of export, who has the ability to choose specific tags. WORK-FREE DAYS Using the backend, you can set work-free days - holidays, leave days, days of in lieu and sick days are an integral part of TimeStamps. On these days, you do not have to work, so there will be no default work and break time. However, TimeStamps does not prevent that you still record times. So you can still work on holidays or leave days and keep track of it with TimeStamps. STATISTICS In the weekly and daily time stamp view, TimeStamps provides small statistics for a better overview. "How much overtime I've done this week?", "How long have I been on a business trip?" - The statistics provide the kind of information you want. REPORTS Various reports can be created of all time stamps. You can specify any time period and send reports as HTML or CSV to one or more e-mail addresses. These report configurations can be reused later. SETTINGS Not everyone is working from nine to five, five days a week. So the work and break time for each day of a default work week is definable to the minute. Also working without a break is possible with a single click. The setting of default times can later be changed individually for each day. THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT If you like TimeStamps, please tell your colleagues, friends and relatives! And we are always thankful for a a positive rating in the App Store. Questions, comments and suggestions are always welcome, too. Please use our support e-mail address: support@timestampsapp.com


Technical specifications

Version: 1.5.2

Size: 10.93 MB


Price: 2,67 €

Developed by Zyanik

Day of release: 2011-06-28

Recommended age: 4+

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