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TimeTag is the personal time sheet application re-imagined. Its premise is simple: Allow you to track and tag your time. Unlike many other time sheet ...

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TimeTag is the personal time sheet application re-imagined. Its premise is simple: Allow you to track and tag your time. Unlike many other time sheet applications, TimeTag is designed to look great. It avoids the long list of time records and instead automatically and intelligently groups together hours by tag and activity. This allows the you to quickly know where your day went without the need for a calculator and spreadsheet app. Featured by Apple in the What's Hot Section for iPad & iPhone Productivity apps! Appshouter.com: “...if time does equal money to you, you NEED this slick app.” TheiPhoneAppReview.com: "For $3.99, this is an excellent time-organizing tool." WAYS TO USE TIMETAG *Keep track of hours spent on different school subjects *Log hours for contract work or other billable work *Be more productive FEATURES *Unique interface for time logging applications *Time Logging with Descriptive Tags (1 tag per time record) *Run up to 20 timers at once *One-touch hour totaling *Data export (CSV, HTML, Text) *Export to your Phone/iPad's calendar from within the app! *Fast, functional interface to let you enter and exit the app quickly *Can safely exit the application with an active timer going *Supports TextExpander touch snippet expansion *Supports Dropbox for exporting reports! *Filter your records *Edit existing time records *Add in your own records *Tags can have rates so you can track money earned *Icon Badge Indicator during active timers *Can schedule notifications to remind you of active timers *Can schedule an end time (auto-check out) NEED MORE INFO? Not sure if TimeTag is right for you? Feel free to check out our website for more material or you can always contact us in one of many ways (Email, Twitter or Facebook). We want you to love TimeTag as much as we enjoy working on it! NEWS/CONTACT You can find out what we're working on, or send us an email with questions or issues, etc: Our Blog: http://www.capparsa.com/blog/ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Capparsa Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/capparsa Email: timetag@capparsa.com We love great ideas and your feedback! If you have any feature ideas, please feel free to email us with the suggestion. Lots of features have gone in already that have been suggested by customers and more are coming! FROM THE DEVELOPER If you ever experience any issues with TimeTag such as a bug/crash or weird behavior, please contact me at capparsa@capparsa.com . I'm happy to look into it and I'm very active in getting updates out to remove issues. Contains TextExpander engine library, Copyright © 2009-2013 SmileOnMyMac, LLC. TextExpander is a trademark of SmileOnMyMac, LLC


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Version: 3.1.3

Size: 6.71 MB


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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