Time is the one resource we can’t get more of. We can only manage it— so why use a tool that takes more time than it gives back? That’s why we created ...

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Time is the one resource we can’t get more of. We can only manage it— so why use a tool that takes more time than it gives back? That’s why we created TimeTag, our timekeeping and time management app. TimeTag is a time management tool designed for on-the-go freelancers and people who want to track their time quickly and easily. Some wonderful things people have said: • "Perfect time management" - South Korea App Store Review • "Essentially, what you're doing is making people's jobs and lives a whole lot easier" - Customer Email • "Genius app" - US App Store Review • "Best in its class." - Canada App Store Review About the App The app intelligently organizes and groups all your time records so you can see how your time was spent at a glance. Exporting is simple, and generates spreadsheets and reports that can be used by other apps and services. TimeTag now offers a new Pro version, giving you access to a new Dashboard area and the ability to customize the exported report. It also lets you setup locations which will setup, start and stop your timers automatically! Finally, it lets you keep your records in sync across your personal devices. The new dashboard shows interactive charts and stats about how your time is being spent across your tasks (tags) and projects (categories). You can tap to expand these charts and get deeper insights about your time. The customized report lets you turn on and off columns and re-arrange them to your liking. Pro Benefits, with 1-time in-app purchase: • Access your time records on any of your personal iOS and OS X devices • Set timers to start and stop automatically based on your arrival and departure of locations • Visualize your time spent through interactive charts and stats • Understand your saved data even faster with customizable reports All versions include these amazing benefits: • Effortless time recording with a simple 1-touch start and stop button • View accurate time stats down to the second • See how your time is spent through tags and categories, which are like tasks and projects • Save time by automatically generating Excel and Numbers compatible spreadsheets with the touch of a button • Spend less time tracking your time and more time focusing on what matters most to you: your life! • No limit to the tags, records and categories you can create • Don’t stress about forgetting time records or leaving a timer running too long — all records can be edited easily, or added in after the fact. • Support for Split View and Multitasking on the iPad • A simple filter tool to total and export only the records that matter most to you


Technical specifications

Version: 6.1.2

Size: 6.71 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Capparsa, Inc

Day of release: 2010-08-20

Recommended age: 4+

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