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Timeline American Civil War

Timeline Civil War is a definitive day by day history of the entire American Civil War. **From the makers of Timeline WW2, the award winning #1 rated ...

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Timeline Civil War is a definitive day by day history of the entire American Civil War. **From the makers of Timeline WW2, the award winning #1 rated reference app in the US, UK, New Zealand, Brazil and many more....** The app features fascinating commentaries from leading Civil War experts, first hand accounts of key battles, life on the home front, and stunning images. An interactive map locates over 400 key battles. This map, combined with around 500 images and over 1200 written entries gives a 360 degree insight into the Civil War in a way not seen before on any other iPad app. Features include: ***A unique interactive day by day timeline allows the exploration of over 1600 items from the entire war in a revolutionary new way.*** ***Search and filter the app to explore the events and themes that interest you, including: “Faces of the War”, “Borderlands”, “Peninsular Campaign 1862”, “Land Tactics”, “Abraham Lincoln’s Story”, and many more.*** ***Commentaries from leading historians, including: Professor Ira Berlin (UMD - University of Maryland) Professor Jane Shultz (IUPUI - Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis)*** ***Extracts from diaries, memoirs and newspapers illuminating everyday life on the battlefield and the home front.*** ****Explore the events in your home state on the map and timeline, through state and territory summaries, photographs and maps.*** ***Recordings and sheet music for songs and spirituals from the Civil War era bring the culture of the period to life.*** ***Over 40 commentaries comprise themes and events in the Civil War including Military, Politics, Women and Medicine, Slavery and the African American Experience.*** ***These themes cover key areas of the High School and Middle school curriculum.*** What the press had to say about Timeline WW2 USA Today "Timeline World War 2 is a fantastic way to teach eager minds the course of the conflict....Worth the buy? Absolutely. Even if you're not a World War II buff, it never hurts to learn about the past." World War II Magazine (Weider) "Warning: Timeline is addictive." NY Times “Navigation is smooth and intuitive in Timeline WW2.....this immersive app for the iPad.” History Today Magazine Timeline WW2 is one of the most impressive history apps we've seen yet, and has set the bar very high." Daily Mail “Who needs books with apps like this? For the price of a paperback you get a day-by-day history of WWII that brilliantly combines text, maps, photos and archive film.” MacWorld "Timeline World War 2 stands out with features that put history in context....it is absolutely gorgeous...Features like a scrollable map, updated audio for newsreel footage, and day-by-day layout of information...create an app that really stands apart." TUAW App Review (The Apple Unofficial Weblog) "It's a groundbreaking application.....It's beautiful, it's expansive, and it's a great demonstration of what the iPad can do at its best." World War II Magazine “...an interactive, well-wrought survey of World War II that’s also serious funâ€â€a must have for any student or buff.” Daily Telegraph “Over 2,000 events are easily accessed through the interactive timeline ….Entertaining, educative and impressive.” Independent on Sunday "The ultimate guide to the ultimate conflict.." Note: The app is a comprehensive history of the entire Civil War, so contains a large amount of content and is close to 1GB in size. As a result it may take some time to download. Video content within the app requires a wi-fi connection to view.


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