Discontinued App


Note: TinyTERM v1.0.2 for iPhone is being replaced by our TinyTERM ITX 2 product. TinyTERM v1.0.2 is the last version in our TinyTERM v1.x product line. ...

Discontinued App


Note: TinyTERM v1.0.2 for iPhone is being replaced by our TinyTERM ITX 2 product. TinyTERM v1.0.2 is the last version in our TinyTERM v1.x product line. This version will continue to function forever but should be backed up in iTunes. Please refer to TinyTERM ITX 2 on the App Store for more information on upgrades and new features. TinyTERM ITX for iPhone provides SSH and Telnet access using exact terminal emulation with 21 terminals supported. The first commercial-grade desktop terminal emulator ported to iPhone! TinyTERM ITX is the *only* terminal emulator with a fully programmable custom keyboard, and the only terminal emulator to fully redraw screen fonts while zooming, resulting in superior readability and usability on retina displays. Based on our best-selling desktop TinyTERM product. Enjoy precise access to remote applications. We’ve been in business over 25 years and are excited to make this available to you. Note: If you are using an iPad, don’t run this iPhone version, as it is customized for operation on the smaller display. We have a separate TinyTERM for iPad available in the App Store. *** Thank you for your valuable comments. Please email support@censoft.com with any feedback, we really want to hear how we can continue to make our emulator meet your needs! *** Terminals Emulated: IBM: 3151, 3101 Digital: VT100, VT220, VT220-7, VT320, VT320-7, VT420 ANSI: ANSI 3.64, SCOANSI, AT386, Linux Console Wyse/TVI: Wyse 50, Wyse 60, Wyse 60-25, Televideo 912, 925, 950 Other: ATT 4410, ADM1, PCTERM, TTY Features include: * Secure SSH and telnet access over WiFi, cellular and VPN networks * Precise emulation of 21 VT, ANSI, Wyse and IBM terminal types * Very complete emulation including line draw characters and UTF-8 decoding * Support for background terminal sessions * Comprehensive RSA/DSA key generation and management. Export public key via email and clipboard * Very simple and easy-to-use user interface supports multiple connection profiles * Ability to change emulator settings without disconnecting * Terminal screen always fully visible when typing using scaleable fonts. Larger display when keyboard dismissed if desired * Zoom mode for easier readability on small screen * Auto line-wrapping when columns resized for keeping information onscreen * Double tap to hide/show keyboard in landscape and full screen portrait modes * Scrollback buffer using single finger swipe * Configurable lines and columns with scaleable or fixed fonts and 132x80 modes * Configurable emulator screen resizing when keyboard shown and hidden, with separate settings for portrait, landscape and keyboard layouts * Custom programmable keyboards in VT220, IBM3151 and IBM PC English, Spanish, French and German layouts * Keyboards include function/arrow keys, Ins/Del/Home/End/PgUp/PgDn, Tab, Esc, Ctrl, locking Shift/Ctrl/Caps * Transparent keyboard option for continuous full screen visibility * Onscreen mini-keyboard when using Bluetooth and dock keyboards with missing/broken keys * Codepage support for over 25 locales including CP 437/1251/1252, ISO 8859-1/8859-2 and many more * Configurable foreground/background/cursor color, hostname, user, port * “Default” configuration allows specifying initial settings for new configurations * Dropbox and iTunes syncing with desktop for connection, code page and keyboard settings * Fonts rendered internally for crystal-clear type in all situations * Telephone and email technical support Thanks for your interest! For more information, screenshots and full documentation please visit http://www.censoft.com/itx/iphone. Please leave comments and requests at support@censoft.com.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0.2

Size: 6.17 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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