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TinyTERM Pro for iPhone

Secure SSH and telnet VT/ANSI/Wyse/ADDS terminal emulation with macros, printing and scanner support. TinyTERM Pro for iPad provides additional automation ...

Discontinued App


Secure SSH and telnet VT/ANSI/Wyse/ADDS terminal emulation with macros, printing and scanner support. TinyTERM Pro for iPad provides additional automation and printing enhancements to TinyTERM ITX 2 for iPhone. Starting with all TinyTERM ITX 2 features, TinyTERM Pro adds support for hardware and software scanners, printing, ADDS and WYCOL emulations, onscreen keyboard remapping, macro recording and automation capabilities including auto-login, auto-connect, auto-reconnect and one-touch startup. TinyTERM Pro is designed for non-technical users or uses where pre-configured, fully automated application access is required. *** Thank you for your valuable comments. Please email support@censoft.com with any feedback *** Pro Features: * ADDS Viewpoint VP, 60, A2 * Alpha Micro WYCOL/Esprit III Scanner Support * Software scanner using camera * Honeywell Captuvo SL22 * IPC Linea-pro 4 * Gripon Grabba Q-series Printing * Text screen print to AirPrint and email * Host transparent print to AirPrint and email Automation * Macro record/playback to automate connecting and host application startup * Macro can prompt for username/password or store separately in connection info * Auto-connect on start allows one-touch connectivity from home screen * Auto-login on connect associates macro with connect/login sequence * Auto-reconnect option reestablishes connection and auto-login if dropped * Prevent-disconnect option enforces proper host system/application logoff Keyboard Mapping * On-screen UI for remapping keys to actions, macros and character strings Terminals Emulated: ADDS: Viewpoint, 60, A2 Alpha Micro: WYCOL/Esprit III Digital: VT100, VT220, VT220-7, VT320, VT320-7, VT420 ANSI: ANSI 3.64, SCOANSI, AT386, Linux Console Wyse/TVI:Wyse 50, Wyse 60, Wyse 60-25, Televideo 912, 925, 950 IBM: 3151, 3101 Other: ATT 4410, ADM1, PCTERM, TTY Application display can be precisely configured for each keyboard mode in both landscape and portrait orientations. When the keyboard is dismissed, the same information can be displayed full-screen with the font scaled to fit, or the number of lines and columns increased allowing more information to be displayed with the same font size. Features: * Secure SSH and telnet access over WiFi, cellular and VPN networks * Precise emulation of 21 ADDS, VT, ANSI, Wyse and IBM terminal types * Very complete emulation including line draw characters and UTF-8 unicode support * Background terminal sessions * Comprehensive RSA/DSA key generation and management with key export * Multiple connection profiles with import/export * Passcode lock prevents unauthorized terminal emulator access Emulator Display * Pinch/zoom to resize font or scroll display within viewport * Tap and hold to highlight text and start copy/paste selection * Always-on scrollback buffer using single finger swipe * Configurable lines and columns with scaleable or fixed fonts and 132x80 modes * Separate settings for portrait/landscape orientations and keyboard shown/hidden layouts Keyboard Layouts * Enhanced on-screen custom terminal emulator keyboards facilitate rapid entry * Configurable QWERTY, QWERTZ and AZERTY keyboards with and without fn keys * Configurable supplemental horizontal keyboard enhances standard keyboard * Transparent keyboard option for continuous full screen visibility External Bluetooth and Dock Keyboards * Function keys, arrow keys and all control keys supported on external keyboards * External keyboard keycode remapping supported for differing codepage/locales * Onscreen mini-keyboard when using Bluetooth and dock keyboards with missing keys * Dropbox and iTunes syncing with desktop for connection, and keyboard settings * Telephone and email technical support For more information, screenshots and full documentation please visit http://www.censoft.com/products/itx/pro.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.2.1

Size: 7.12 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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