Voted iLounge Top 100 Apps & Games! "Super simple clean interface!" - iLounge The best tip calculator of all according to iLounge ratings! LARGE, EASY ...

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Voted iLounge Top 100 Apps & Games! "Super simple clean interface!" - iLounge The best tip calculator of all according to iLounge ratings! LARGE, EASY TO READ, ELEGANT INTERFACE Now it's easy to calculate the appropriate amount of gratuity for your waiter with Tips. Simply enter the total of your bill, flick the slider to reflect the percentage to tip and your tip amount and total are shown at the bottom! There's even a slider to flick if you need to split the bill amongst multiple people. We know there are dozens of tip calculators up on the App Store. Why use ours? Because we do and it works well. Get in, do your calculations, and get out as quickly and easily as possible. Large text makes it easy to copy down onto a receipt and simple controls and large buttons make it easy to enter data even when juggling a pizza box, pen, and receipt. Use the tip calculator rated as the #1 interface by the reviewers at iLounge for years in a row! Features: - Large number keypad for easy data entry. - Large tip and total values for easy transcribing. - Split check among several individuals. - Localization for French, German, Spanish, Norwegian, and Italian. - Remembers your tip and split settings between sessions. - Customizable minimum and maximum percentages for service rating. - Customizable maximum split. - Customizable to always clear on launch. - Customizable rounding options (up, down, or nearest whole number). - Additional tax can be applied in case you want to tip pre-tax. - Uses the currency symbol selected in the region settings. Note: to access the tax, rounding, and limit options, open the Settings application and choose Tips. If there are features you'd like to see us add, click the Kudit Support link in the App Store and let us know! If you would like to help translate for your language or fix translations, please send an email to Follow us on Twitter for updates and development news: Reviews from our users: "This app does exactly what I want." "Love it!!! The best one…easy, fast and works great!!!" "This is the best looking, easiest to use tip calculator I have seen." "Simple and Effective. Does what it's supposed to do. Worth the $2!" "Excellent, well-designed app…much, much prettier than most other apps." "No BS, straight to the point, visually appealing the icon and app, and awesome all around." "Best one yet! Simple, elegant. Totally worth the 2 bucks. The other apps are over designed." "Well designed. It's simple, looks good and does exactly what's intended. Definitely worth the 2 bucks." "Awesome! This Tip Calculator is my favorite. It has an awesome design and looks so frigid' sweet on my iPod touch." "Great application! Totally worth the price. I looked at all the tip apps before downloading this one. It's straight to the point, intuitive, and easy to use fast. Great app!" "Great way to figure out how to split the bill with friends! This app is not just for Tips, but also helps with splitting the bill among friends. Such a common problem and a nice simple solution. Super easy to use!" "Best. Tip. App. Ever! The cleanest & coolest user interface of any Tip application in the iTunes Store. It quickly helps you figure out how much to tip if you're on your own bill or if you're splitting the bill with friends. Just type in the total and use quick sliders to adjust everything else. The developer has addressed all the original concerns others have raised by adding user definable settings and changing the amount entry keypad. Cheap at twice the price!"


Technical specifications

Version: 4.1

Size: 635.74 KB


Price: 0,87 €

Developed by Kudit

Day of release: 2008-07-11

Recommended age: 4+

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