Discontinued App


Titxa was created to make life easier for students and teachers. Forget your backpack and carry only an iPad to the classroom! An amazing app that organizes ...

Discontinued App


Titxa was created to make life easier for students and teachers. Forget your backpack and carry only an iPad to the classroom! An amazing app that organizes all your class materials and offers three integrated tools: a notebook, a fantastic PDF reader and an agenda to record all your academic activities. ALL LESSON MATERIALS IN ONE PLACE Register your classes with Titxa and have them linked to a notebook, a document archive and a diary for your course activities. Look up your classroom materials quickly and easily. A NOTEBOOK LIKE NO OTHER The Titxa notebook has endless blank pages where you can jot down your ideas. It is more than a simple drawing tool or a text editor. It’s a new way to improve interactivity through touch. The iPad screen is your digital notebook. Capture and save your lesson’s content using drawing, writing, geometric forms, typed text, photos, videos and audio. - Realistic painting Write or draw with our digital brush, it follows the movement of your hand perfectly. - Typed text Complement handwriting with text boxes. - Photos importing Enhance your notes with pictures from your camera or your iPad’s library and doodle over them. - Support for video capturing Add videos to reinforce the topic you are studying. Re-dimension them to your desired size. - Audio recording Sometimes writing is not so convenient for capturing knowledge. Record audio from your classes or make your own comments. - Share your ideas Send your lesson notes by e-mail to colleagues and teachers. IDEAL READER FOR YOUR DOCUMENTS Read and annotate on your PDF files on our amazing reader. It allows pages to turn smoothly like no other app and you can search content within the documents adding links and bookmarks whenever you want. - Reading without distractions Experience true full-screen reading, no bars or buttons to mess up your text. The content is what really matters! - Writing notes on documents Check and discuss important sections of your document. Draw, doodle and make notes on text, images, video or audio recording. - Night Mode Give a rest to your eyes at night: making the screen black and the text white. It is ideal for reading in dark environments. - Easy navigation The interaction was designed to take advantage of the iPad facilities. For example, slide from the right to the left corner of the screen to see all the document’s pages in miniature. - Scanner and Dropbox Your documents can be imported from your Dropbox account and more, the Titxa scanner can be used to create new PDF. SCHOOL AGENDA Simple and functional, that is the Titxa Agenda: a timeline that shows past and future events of your registered classes. - Types of events. Remember all your course activities, like lessons, group work, seminars, exercises, tests or any other. - Alerts You can be notified of events via iOS notification. - Study lists Make lists using classroom materials related to the activities! A study list promotes the integration of tools: from an event you can go directly to a document or notebook page. You can browse the list of items to study with only two movements (slide to the right and touch the chosen item). Go on, try Titxa now ... it's free! We would like to hear user’s opinions. Questions, suggestions, complaints, whatever. Share comments on: support@titxa.com


Technical specifications

Version: 1.5

Size: 31.23 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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