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Tommy Teaches the Alphabet

**** FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME *** Tommy, our animated character, will teach your child the English alphabet through three engaging games. Tommy encourages ...

Discontinued App


**** FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME *** Tommy, our animated character, will teach your child the English alphabet through three engaging games. Tommy encourages the child to play and make gains through constant praise and feedback. Tommy is smart. In the background he is watching how your child is learning and constantly adjusting the teaching sequence in order to ensure full command of the subject. As an example, Tommy will initially teach in small groupings and not move forward until that small group is fully learned. Quizzes focus on areas where the child had problems rather than re-teaching what he or she already knows. As your child learns, the level of difficulty increases in order to fully test what he or she learned. If problems are found, those items are re-taught and the cycle repeats. Tommy simulates how a patient teacher might teach a subject: Rather than simple sequential repetition, the teacher --in this case Tommy-- will observe how learning is progressing and adjust to focus on the areas that might need reinforcement. "Tommy Teaches" is three games in one: "Learn" is a game where Tommy patiently teaches and quizzes your child. When mistakes do happen, Tommy will re-teach and make sure that the child learns that item. Tommy adjusts what is being taught in order to focus on where the child is having problems rather than re-teach and repeat what he or she already knows. This is very important. Most learning apps for kids make your child endure endless repetition of what they already know. This is counterproductive. If you ever spent time teaching your child any subject at all you probably understand very well that it is important to focus on what they are having trouble with, not what they already know. Tommy does just that. He will focus on the areas where your child is having trouble and keep at it until he or she learns and can move on to the next items to learn, During the game your child earns stars and receives constant praise and encouragement. Learning is tested in depth through quizzes with increased difficulty levels. Tommy is upbeat and, through constant feedback and praise, keeps your child in the game. In "Explore" your child can engage in a simple game where he or she can explore the items being learned and learn more about them. It all serves to reinforce what is being taught. Finally, the "Puzzle" game is a tactile activity that has the child solve puzzles of increasing complexity while, at the same time, teaching. Stars are earned throughout the process. The puzzles also get harder as your child moves up the levels. Kids are different. Some will prefer the "Learn" game while others will spend lots of time in the "Puzzle" game. Regardless of preference, Tommy is always there to provide praise and encouragement while taking the role of a patient teacher. Of course, Tommy is also up for some fun. Touching Tommy will produce reactions that are fun and engaging. It's all about making the learning process as much fun and entertaining as possible.


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